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KHTS Endorses Richman

KHTS radio urges you to vote on Tuesday during the California Primary. We endorse our State Assemblyman, Keith Richman in his bid to win the Republican nomination for California State Treasurer. Below is a message from the Assemblyman discussing why he wants to become California’s next State Treasurer.

Keith Richman, is a knowledgeable, experienced and determined leader. We need him in Sacramento at this critical time for California. No one in the State Legislature has received more recognition for political courage and innovative solutions than Richman.

"After 20 years of building an $80 million company by making wise investments and insisting on fiscal responsibility,
"I took those business values to the State Assembly.  Working with Governor Schwarzenegger and leaders from both parties, I helped improve our business climate, fixed the state budget and encouraged smart investments for California’s future.
"As State Treasurer, I will work to control immigration, strengthen our economy, and improve our schools.

"My highest priority is to make sure that we invest for the future of California.  It’s critical that we invest in education, higher education, and the infrastructure that our state needs to remain competitive in the global economy. It’s about spending our money wisely so we can invest for the future of California."

Message From Keith

Working to Improve California’s Future

By Keith S. Richman
Many people ask why I left my healthcare provider business to go into public service. The simple answer is that  I want to make a positive difference for our state and communities, and I am willing to work hard for common sense solutions to the problems we face. After five years in the State Assembly and much work still to be done, I am running for California State Treasurer.

My years in the legislature have been some of the most difficult in state history. We have an on-going budget crisis, our health care system is on the brink of collapse, our schools are failing, our infrastructure crumbles without repair, our economy struggles in a globally competitive environment and we fail to adequately plan for 10 million more residents by 2025.

The Capitol’s culture of partisan conflict has failed to address these critical issues. Like most Californians, when I started my public service, I believed our leaders talked to each other and worked for the public good. I did not know just how powerful the special interests can be and how difficult it would be to work in a bipartisan manner. The political imperative to protect power at any cost afflicts both parties and all the special interests.

As State Treasurer, I will bring a spirit of cooperation, bi-partisanship and an unwavering focus on solutions to the problems we face. Through participation in dozens of financial boards and commissions, the Treasurer can help improve our health care, energy, infrastructure, education and economic futures. As the state’s chief financial officer, I will be the strongest voice for fiscal responsibility and taxpayer accountability.

My campaign is about solutions to California’s critical challenges; not petty bickering and “gotcha” politics. I believe in the same mainstream, common sense, compassionate values as most other Californians.

It will take hard work to succeed, and I need the energy, ideas and hopes of other Californians who are willing to fight to make our state a better place. Together, we can all make a difference

KHTS Endorses Richman

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