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KHTS EXCLUSIVE: Joel Cox, Editor For Clint Eastwood

Joel Cox is a man who lives in Santa Clarita. He gets up every morning and goes to work, and even takes in a movie from time to time.

He’s a very nice gentleman, and by all accounts he’s perfectly normal, except of course that he has an academy award and has been Clint Eastwood’s editor for decades.

KHTS sat down with Mr. Cox to chat about his beginnings, and his experiences with legendary actor/director/producer Clint Eastwood, including his newest film duo Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima .

This will be a two part series.


46 years ago Joel Cox wanted a job, so he attempted to get into the Warner Brothers Mail room. Of course back then, that was about the only way you got into show business, so he had to wait. Nine months later he was in, sorting mail.

The job was ok, and he worked hard, but his big break came when the man who carried film on a bicycle from place to place came down sick and Joel was asked to cover.

So on the bicycle he went, shuffling film to the editors, and as the next few days passed by, the guy he was covering for still wasn’t better, so he ended up covering for a little while longer. In doing so, he received quite a few compliments and one day was approached about getting into editing.

Of course, that too would take time, but three years later he was in the editing department.

He recalls his first edit, which came under some interesting circumstances.

George C Scott had stared in a movie called “Petulia.” In the movie, a derogatory comment was made regarding Bobby Kennedy. Before the movie could be released however, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, so Jack Warner needed the comment pulled from the film. He grabbed Joel and with Jack Warner and Rudy Fair over his shoulder, Joel Cox made his first professional edit. 

There were two kinds of editors, television editors and feature film editors. Joel knew that he wanted to be in features, and so he set his sights on that early.

After a Robert Mitchum film called “Farewell My Lovely” that Joel had worked with an energetic young producer, things started to really get cooking for him. The producer loved Joel’s work, and claimed “You and me are going places.” That producer was Jerry Bruckheimer.


Look for part two tomorrow!


Jon Dell

KHTS AM 1220 News


KHTS EXCLUSIVE: Joel Cox, Editor For Clint Eastwood

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