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Kids Taught That Even Small Hands Can Do Big Things

Wednesday afternoon, Leona Cox Elementary School hosted two assemblies for their students, dealing with environmentally conscious issues.

The keynote speaker of the assembly was T. Katz, who authored a book called “Miss L’eau,” about a young girl who gets involved with saving the planet and helps to clean up her local beach.

Katz started the assembly by describing how little water we actually have to work with. She said that even though 75% of the earth’s surface is made up of water, only about 3% of that is drinkable. Hence, Katz said, it is important for both kids and adults to practice water conservation by turning off the faucet when brushing teeth, and by taking shorter showers.

Litter bugs also found themselves as a focal point of the conversation as Katz offered students two pictures; a clean beach and a dirty beach. She then asked which they would prefer visiting, and all the kids raised their hands in favor of the well-kept beachfront. That result, she said, underscored why keeping areas clean is important to everyone.

“Your hands are never too small to help,” she told the audience.

Kids Taught That Even Small Hands Can Do Big Things

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