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La Mesa Students Take Over Broadcast Booth

la_mesa_career_twoPhotos by Stephen K. Peeples

Ten students from the Career and College Club at La Mesa Junior High took to the airwaves this week on KHTS for some hands-on experience. Some loved the celebrity aspect.

Some just appreciated the on-air experience, like Azaria Hill, who initially wanted to be a teacher, until she learned from her counselor that there was a lot of schooling involved. Asked if she wanted to work on the radio, she demurred.

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“You know, that’s kind of my backup plan. If I don’t get to be a pediatrician, I was hoping to get into the broadcast business.”

la_mesa_career_oneStudents in the Club learn about the courses and tests they will need for college, become familiar with the process of applying for college and go on field trips to business and industry to explore career options.

The students were accompanied by their counselor and the LaMesa Club coordinator Kathy Gorlick and Kevin Linell from the Career and College Clubs organization.

This is La Mesa’s second year of participating. It is the only school in the Hart District that chose to participate and Gorlick said the student feedback was very positive.

“It’s a lot to do, but it’s well worth it,” she said. “We don’t have the luxury of kids staying around after school, so we work this into a 35-minute lunch.”

Gorlick and her students worked hard in the first year and earned a $1,000 reward as the 7th Grade Club of the Year. She said most of those seventh graders stayed involved with the program and are getting a good perspective on preparing for college before they even start high school.

On the Career and College Clubs website, the group cites their successes with participants.

  • 57% of the students are more likely to know the courses and tests they need to take for eligibility for admission to a four-year college university.
  • 52% are more likely to know the process for applying to college.
  • 35% are more likely to know how to access college information.

“They show us what we need to do to get into a good college,” said eighth grader Dania Hassan. She was also excited about being on the radio, where she, Hill and fellow eighth grader Miriam Gonzalez took turns reading the weather and traffic updates. “I was on the radio and I felt like a celebrity.”

La Mesa Students Take Over Broadcast Booth

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