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Learn Facebook Secrets At ‘FB Squared’ Event in Santa Clarita Aug. 9

Learn Facebook Secrets At ‘FB Squared’ Event in Santa Clarita Aug. 9

Registration Now Open for Second Facebook Workshop for Santa Clarita Small Businesses
by Facebook Marketing Expert and ‘FB Squared’ Author Anthony Franck

By Stephen K. Peeples

Using Facebook for business but don’t want to suck at it? Sign up now for Facebook Marketing Expert Anthony Franck’s “FB Squared” Facebook training workshop for business owners, social media managers and Facebook page administrators, inside the Dianne Van Hook University Center at College of the Canyons in Valencia, on Saturday, Aug. 9, starting at 10:30 a.m.

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FB Squared training course by Facebook Marketing Expert Anthony FranckBased on his proven track record implementing Facebook marketing strategies for business, Franck developed the new “FB Squared” Facebook training course. He will unveil and demonstrate the system at this 90-minute paid training session.

Along with Franck’s live classroom training lecture and demonstration, “FB Squared” attendees will receive his three step-by-step guides and a video coaching on how to place Facebook ads, along with a copy of his new book, “21 Facebook Ad Secrets Revealed,” plus three live video group coaching calls via Google Hangouts to explain:

  • How to build personas;
  • What tools to use for content curation;
  • What to do better and how (page evaluation).

FB Squared training session coach Anthony FranckThe third bonus coaching session will be to answer questions and provide further guidance.

Franck will host the “FB Squared” Facebook training workshop through the Santa Clarita Marketing Group at [].

Attendees will have lifetime membership and access to this exclusive online group. The one-time cost for the entire package is $97, only at this event.

The link to sign up for the “FB Squared” session is here:

Franck (pictured) previewed and tested his “FB Squared” Facebook marketing system at several free meet-ups and lectures in Santa Clarita during the first half of 2014, including one on April 29 as guest speaker for Los Angeles SEO Expert Chaz Key’s popular ”Internet How” and SEO workshops for Santa Clarita-area businesses. That session packed the room, drawing 70 people for 50 available seats.

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Group members found the information useful and wanted more. So in the ensuing months, Franck has continuously updated and refined his “FB Squared” system, and developed a way to coach other local business operators looking to maximize their social media marketing budget, specifically for Facebook.

At the Aug. 9 live training session at COC, Franck said, “I will limit the group to only 25 seats, to ensure that this live session and the three live coaching calls are as effective as possible, and that I provide all attendees with the maximum value.”

Click Here to Register Now for the Aug. 9 ‘FB Squared’ Training Session

Learn Facebook Secrets at FB Squared workshop

Why ‘FB Squared’? Lack of Facebook Skills Can Cost a Business Money

On the guest-speaker trail, Franck said, “It became obvious to me that Facebook marketing was a real problem for most business owners and professionals. They don’t know how to solve it, and either ignore it, hire someone else to do it – usually with poor results – or just haphazardly toss a random post onto their Facebook page.

“If you own or manage a business big or small without an effective, consistent and successful social media presence, you’re losing sales and money,” he said. “And if your competitors know how to make Facebook work, you’re losing market share.”

Facebook marketing is not an intuitive process, Franck noted, and because programmers at the huge social media company are constantly tinkering with its advertising algorhythms, usually without informing users, it’s not easy for most Facebook page administrators to keep up with the changes.

“This adds up to a very frustrating experience and presents problems marketing effectively on Facebook,” he said.

Among the challenges Franck was most frequently asked about at workshops:

  • How to properly set up a Facebook page for business;
  • How to properly fill in the page settings and info;
  • How to deal with all the options Facebook offers;
  • How often to post;
  • What to post about and where to find content;
  • What Facebook ads are and how to make them effective;
  • Why fans aren’t engaging, and how to increase fan page engagement;
  • How to run very affordable ads for a business.

‘FB Squared’ Built on Real-Life Success with Highly Focused Marketing Techniques

“This is why I developed the ‘FB Squared’ system for Facebook page admins,” Franck said. “I knew the answers to those challenges, and now I want to teach those skills to others. There’s no substitute for real knowledge.”

21 Facebook Ads Secrets Revealed by Facebook Marketing Expert Anthony Franck

Franck learned the secrets of Facebook marketing through much study and strategic experimentation, and based “FB Squared” on his real-life success implementing his Facebook techniques on behalf of a variety of business clients.

For example, owners of one business, headquartered in Santa Clarita and the largest animal career vocational school in the U.S. with annual revenue of $16 million, hired Franck to manage the school’s social media. His primary mission: focus on its under-performing Facebook business page.

“Knowing what needed to be done, I turned their Facebook engagement around completely,” Franck said.

Simply put, he accomplished that by identifying the school’s brand ideals, improving its Facebook posts, and increasing fan engagement.

By the numbers, in the first 12 months, Franck’s techniques more than doubled the “likes” for the school’s business page. He started with the existing 12,961 likes and increased them to 26,664.

Franck did this by boosting the daily engagement rate among prospects, fans and students almost 10 times, from 12,000 to more than 100,000 twice in 2014.

At the same time, he slashed the school’s Facebook ad budget in half, a savings of $17,864 in the first 15 months.

Franck will present additional case studies and Facebook algorhythms updates during the “FB Squared” training workshop.

‘FB Squared’ Covers Facebook Marketing Basics, Insider Secrets

Facebook Marketing Expert and FB Squared Author Anthony FranckFranck plans to cover Facebook fundamentals as well as the latest insider secrets of successful Facebook management and marketing for a business page, a niche or a fan page. He designed “FB Squared” to help both novice and experienced Facebook users market their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

In this 90-minute training session, Franck said participants will learn:

  • How to use the 80-20 rule;
  • How to use his “Personal Post Sequencing Blueprint”;
  • How to do the basic Facebook management for a business page, niche page or fan page;
  • Why the old systems of Facebook marketing are no longer producing the results social media managers may be used to seeing;
  • How to make sure the business is reaching its target audience;
  • How to find content worth sharing;
  • How to use Facebook to learn more about fans and how to convert them into customers;
  • How to run affordable Facebook ads for a business or niche page;
  • Why targeted ads are vital to success in Facebook marketing;
  • The value of using positive comments from Facebook fans about the company’s goods and services.

For more information about the “FB Squared” training workshop, visit the Santa Clarita Marketing Group event page at, and to register, click here.

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Learn Facebook Secrets At ‘FB Squared’ Event in Santa Clarita Aug. 9

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