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Local Student Turns Published Author

talesofagoldenkingdom1This author’s first book is aimed at those who are left out.

Many publishers will argue that teen boys don’t read and because of that they choose to target other demographics. A local student has gone against the grain and written a book just for that audience.

Matthew Stromberg, 21, of Saugus, has written a fantasy adventure book titled “Tales of the Golden Kingdom.”

“Tales of the Golden Kingdom” is about a young wizard who discovers he has powers and must use them to protect his kingdom.

“Originally the character Timothy and the place that I call the Golden Kingdom came from a story that I use to tell my sister when she was trying to fall asleep, and that was when I was six,” said Stromberg.

From there the character continued to develop and Stromberg continued to tell the adventures of Timothy through short stories.

Stromberg says he started writing the book when he was 14 and it took him a year of writing at least four hours a day to complete.

He goes on to say that the editing process took three years, during which time he had friends and family read and review the book.

“The publishing process was quite a bit harder then the writing process.  I had to constantly send letters to publishers about my book,” said Stromberg.

He finally landed CreateSpace, an online publisher, which helps authors, musicians and filmmakers get their work out.

“For three years I had people who were interested and then something would happen, either they wouldn’t want to take on someone in their early twenties or they didn’t want fantasy adventure,” said Stromberg.  “One that came up a lot, sadly, was when I would say who my target audience was and they would reject it saying males don’t read.”

Despite all the setbacks, the 312-page book is out now and available on and local book stores.

Here is a brief synopsis of the book.

After living a childhood lacking both a mother and a home, Timothy receives the potential for a bright future when he is presented with the gift of magical powers and the job of protecting a young kingdom. At first, this seems like a phenomenal profession, with the opportunity for many magnificent adventures. Yet, the young wizard had no clue what future he would be forced to handle. As the kingdom endures a life of war, bloodshed, and heartache, both the young kingdom and the young man mature and become renowned for their strength. With Timothy’s growth, it becomes obvious that all life is connected and develops off of each other. There is a clear plan for the masses to affect the individual, and the individual to affect the masses.

Local Student Turns Published Author

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