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Local Woman To Advocate For Animal Adoption

Caroline Squires will try to discourage residents from shopping at pet stores that buy from puppy mills.
Sunday morning between 9:00 a.m. and 11:30, Santa Clarita resident Caroline Squires will be on the corner of Magic Mountain Parkway and McBean trying to get a message across.


She wants to inform the public of the wide variety of animals available through local animal shelters and rescue groups.


“6-8 million dogs and cats are sent to shelters in the United States each year, and half of them will be euthanized,” she told KHTS.


Helping to adopt these animals will prevent them from having to be put to sleep.


When it comes to specific types of dogs, Squires says you can find anything you want.


“If you have your heart set on a particular breed, check that breed’s rescue.”


Certain groups specialize in taking in one breed of animal and therefore have a large selection.


Another part of her efforts Sunday will be to plead with residents to avoid shopping at pet stores that buy their dogs from puppy mills.


A puppy mill is a large scale breeder. The facilities are legal, and their records and violations are available online. Puppies born in puppy mills tend to have a higher occurrence of long term health problems which don’t show up until years into the dog’s life.


“Many people who purchase these sick dogs can’t afford the medical bills,” Squires says.  


Squires is looking for advocates to join her on Sunday morning.


Below are some pictures of animals in local shelters.


To see more animals looking for adoption, check out LA County Animal Shelter and New Leash On Life.











Local Woman To Advocate For Animal Adoption

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