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Magi Hypnotherapy Institute Creates On-Line Goal Survey

The Magi Institute of Hypnosis has created a unique on-line survey that will allow you to determine if you are setting proper goals for yourself.

Setting a goal for Confidence is not a proper goal. You might want to be more confident but it lacks the criteria for being a proper goal. Goals today are used for many things and people today are often confused with what a goal is. Goals help to provide us with a direction and also provide us with an ending. Many times people get goal-setting confused with wanting a desired value or a state of mind. If your goal is something you would feel then it is a state or value and not a goal.

Several of us have heard of setting SMART goals in business. There are several definitions to what SMART actually means depending on who is doing the training. The key to goals is to first set a proper goal and not a state. To learn more take our short on-line survey on goal-setting and see if you set proper goals at

In addition to setting goals it is important that we understand our motivation. So many times people overlook one important fact on motivation. Motivation is an emotion that is amped by a specific feeling. When was the last time you were motivated and I mean really motivated? What was the emotion or feeling just before that? Think of another time that you were totally motivated and what was that feeling or emotion? Were they the same?

What is your modal operator: What was the last thing you said to yourself just before you got out of bed this morning? Modal Operators and be of necessity or possibility and research has shown that most of our modal operators are necessity. Examples of modal operators of necessity are "have to" "got to" and "need to". Operators of possibility can be "I wonder", "what if" and "maybe I will". You might notice that you use your modal operator several times during the day. We can also change our modal operators to change how we look at doing things.
Another key point to reaching your goals is reward. So many times people only take the time to reward the final step. What would happen if you never reached the final step? You might feel like you never accomplished anything. Remember that the journey is just as fun as the end in going places when you take the time to appreciate all the steps. What if you find out that half way through your journey the goal has changed? The more success you have in your life the more you will succeed.

If you want to learn more contact the Magi Institute of Hypnosis at 286-2179 or visit us on the web at

The Magi Institute of Hypnosis is a Certified Alternative Healthcare Provider in Santa Clarita. They offer Hypnosis Certification as well as Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy. They specialize in Magi Hypnosis(TM) and provide private sessions as well as group and corporate programs.

Magi Hypnotherapy Institute Creates On-Line Goal Survey

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