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Magic Mountain Opens Record Breaking New Roller Coaster

Magic Mountain Opens Record Breaking New Roller Coaster

Also Written by: Taylor O’Neil

Six Flags Magic Mountain reaches new heights yet again with the opening of the brand new roller coaster, Full Throttle. Gaining another world record, Magic Mountain has designed Full Throttle to be the tallest, fastest-looping roller coaster in the world.




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Not only does Full Throttle break records, but it is truly one of a kind with a triple launch system, a 160 foot loop, plus a “Top Hat” that races over the outside of the loop with two forward launchers that accelerate the trains from zero to seventy, and a backward launch going into and out of an underground tunnel.

“We officially open the ride tomorrow to park guests at 10 a.m., and it is getting rave reviews right now,” said Sue Carpenter, a public relations spokesperson at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The thrill ride includes a high-banked curve that then drops the riders into a gut-wrenching inversion, and a Dive Loop dropping them into a dark tunnel. After a short stop, the passengers are sent back up towards to top of the Dive Loop where they are then dropped and launched a third time in reverse out of the tunnel into a high-G turn. Then the coaster takes the thrill seekers over the top of the record-breaking loop for massive airtime where they then decelerate and make a 180-degree turn to the station to regain their composure and catch their breath.

“We have the world’s tallest loop at 160 feet, and it’s known as the world’s tallest and fastest coaster because you go from zero to 70 miles an hour into the loop”said Carpenter.

Not only is this ride positioned in the new five-acre area of the park, but it has even more distinctive characteristics.

Full Throttle is so extreme that the Australian metal band, Airborne wrote the song “Live It Up” as the ride’s theme song. Located in the new section of the park, the environment is set for guests to experience high-energy action with fast-paced lights, imagery, and sound. The coaster engages the riders in an adventure through the mountainous terrain of Magic Mountain as they race around the park.

Six Flags Magic Mountain rightfully claims the title “Thrill Capital of the World,” with Full Throttle as their newest addition to the their eighteen other roller coasters, also holding the title “Coaster Capital of the World.”

There is no doubt that Magic Mountain designs to impress and break records, as they are an industry leader and continue to fulfill the needs of thrill seekers as they enter the 42
nd year of operations. Full Throttle advertises itself with the motto “Live it. Be it. Ride it,” encouraging riders that “You Only Live Once,” and should seek the thrill of a lifetime.

Full Throttle embraces all that Six Flags has to offer with the thrill ride that will surely be stomach-dropping, eye-watering, and high-flying fun.

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Magic Mountain Opens Record Breaking New Roller Coaster

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