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Maroon5 Singer Makes Appearance At Westfield

MFAdamgroupSomeone will win a trivia contest with this one – what is Maroon5’s connection to the Westfield Valencia Town Center?

Answer? Adam Levine’s dad is the Fredric in the new MFredric store that opened last week, and the singer showed up to celebrate with his family Tuesday night.

A red carpet, lined by about 100 screaming fans, led from the parking lot to the front door of the store, which had its soft opening earlier in the week. Adam was going to make an appearance, something that he Tweeted about earlier in the day.

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MFgobosAs the sun set, colored lights and gobos with starbursts and the store logo decorated the sidewalk. The crowd was getting restless.

A quick trip around the store revealed an appealing variety of looks and items for men, women and children, down to some trendy diaper bags.

Mardi Fox, the “M” in MFredric, was enthusiastic about the new store, noting that it was the first one located in a Westfield center.

“They’ve been after us to come here for awhile,” she said.

MFdoorThe noise level went up noticeably when the singer stepped onto the red carpet, making his way toward the store and posing for pictures with family before disappearing into the children’s department.

His dad, Fred, greeted people at the door.

“I’m the shopkeeper,” he said, laughing.

“We’ve been looking in Valencia for 15 years and we finally found a place that is really perfect for us, which is this outdoor, friendly, warm lifestyle shopping experience at the Patios,” he said. “We love the outdoor, we love the parking availability; it’s just easy for our customer to pull up and shop. We knew the Valencia customer was right, but we couldn’t find the right location for so many years and when we found out that Westfield was building an outdoor extension to the mall, we figured that’s gonna be right for us.”

MFdresses“It’s so beautiful, with all the fire pits and the amenities, for people to just hang out, enjoy and have a good time, that’s a successful shopping center,” he continued. “That’s why we 100 percent believe in it and that’s why we came out here, signed up and now we’re here and we’re thrilled we made the decision.”

MFredric doesn’t offer traditional department store apparel; something Levine said works well for their customers.

“It’s contemporary, trendy, cutting edge; we have the happening brands and we have our own line, which is a price conscious brand that right on theme with what is happening in fashion.”

Levine went on to say that they concentrate on items made from natural fibers, such as cotton and wool for comfort.

“We try to pick merchandise that will be flattering, comfortable and casual,” he said.

Levine explained that there are only three buyers for the store – his wife, his sister and himself – and they’ve been working together since the store’s inception.

MFbiggroup“We’ve been in it for 32 years; we obviously can feel the pulse of fashion. We know the trends and we know our customer and we know what our customers are going to love.  And when the boxes come into the stores and our staff opens the boxes, we imagine the look on their faces and we say ‘are they going to be excited by that?’ and if so, we buy it. That’s our grass-roots philosophy of apparel buying.”

The red carpet hysteria was something Levine is used to and he appreciated his son’s support.

“I put it this way: I go to the Maroon 5 concerts to support him so he goes to the MFredric openings to support me,” he said. “It’s a two-way street.”

Maroon5 Singer Makes Appearance At Westfield

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