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Massive SCV Water Source Listed As “Most Endangered River In America”

The San Joaquin River System has been listed as the most endangered river in the country by American Rivers, a group that collects nominations from thousands of river groups and local governments each year.

The river system, which includes the Delta area in Sacramento, is the direct source of half of the water we use in Santa Clarita and the rest of the southern California region.

“Unless we overhaul the way we manage water supply and flood protection on the Sacramento-San Joaquin, the lives of millions of people and the entire economy of the state of California will continue to be jeopardized,” said Rebecca Wodder, president of American Rivers. “Its time for 21st century solutions to restore the health of these rivers and protect the health, safety and quality of life of Californians.”

The Delta is battling several issues, one of which being the fact that many species within the area have been decimated by man-made impacts of the water delivery system, which pumps water out of the Delta and sends it to southern California. A recent judiciary ruling has already drastically cut the amount of water allowed to be pumped from the Delta.

Another major issue is the series of dikes that make up the Delta. They’re instability has prompted many water advocates to label the system a “ticking time bomb.”

The crisis will continue for at least several more years in California, and the impacts of it will begin to hit consumers in the very near future. Water bills will become more expensive, and the agricultural industry in California is bracing for a massive shortage of water, thereby increasing the likelihood that select produce prices will increase as well.

A Santa Clarita delegation was recently in Sacramento speaking about the water crisis and potential solutions. To read more about those options, click here.

Massive SCV Water Source Listed As “Most Endangered River In America”

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