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McKeon Outlines Education, Labor Plans

Hopes to make financial aid more accessible, improve teacher quality, strengthen job training.

From the Office of Congressman Buck McKeon

On the eve of the 111th Congress being gaveled
into session, Santa Clarita Congressman Buck McKeon, the top Republican on the U.S. House Education
and Labor Committee has unveiled key legislative priorities
to help students, workers, and families in the struggling


families are facing unprecedented challenges, from an
economy that continues to shed jobs to an educational system
that is failing to keep American students competitive in a
changing world,” McKeon said. “In the face of these challenges, we must
redouble our commitment to freedom, security, and innovation
– principles that will serve us well in workplaces and
classrooms alike.”


the priorities outlined by McKeon:


  • Expanding
    choice and flexibility in education. Republicans believe
    that parents and local communities can make the best
    educational decisions, especially when they are freed from
    the shackles of federal bureaucracy and entrenched special
    interests. That’s why Republicans will continue to promote
    parental choices and local control.


  • Improving
    teacher quality. Studies have shown that effective
    teachers are among the most important factors when it
    comes to improving student academic achievement.
    Republicans recognize how important teachers are to
    overall education reform, and that’s why they will work to
    strengthen teacher training and reward effective teachers
    for their success in the classroom.


  • Simplifying
    college financial aid. To truly make it easier for
    students to go to college, Republicans believe we must do
    more than streamline application forms – we must cut
    through the red tape, increase transparency, and simplify
    the maze of financial aid programs that have led to
    today’s daunting process.


  • Strengthening
    job training to bolster the economy. In a dynamic, global
    economy, American workers need to be able to retrain for
    the careers of the 21st century. Republicans
    are strongly committed to reforming job training and
    placement initiatives under the Workforce Investment Act
    to make services for job seekers more accessible and


  • Protecting
    workplace democracy. Republicans recognize that freedom is
    at the core of the American value system, and they will
    fight tirelessly to protect freedom whenever it is at
    risk. An early test is expected in the 111th
    Congress when Democrats pursue legislation to strip
    workers of the right to a secret ballot unionizing
    election, and that’s why protecting workplace democracy
    will be at the very top of the GOP


  • Enhancing
    health care and retirement security for workers. In times
    of economic uncertainty, the last thing small businesses
    need is bureaucratic red tape and costly federal mandates.
    Republicans are committed to providing health care and
    retirement options to workers without imposing
    big-government directives that limit options while raising


  • Providing
    flexibility for working families. In today’s busy world,
    families are facing greater demands on their time than
    ever before, and yet too often, they remain tied to rigid
    work rules written decades ago. Republicans will pursue
    new options for workers and employers to create a more
    flexible workplace.


have a clear vision for strengthening our economy today and
sustaining it into the future – by supporting job creation
and entrepreneurial freedom, and by fostering educational
excellence to train the workforce of tomorrow. These
principles will guide us throughout the 111th
said McKeon.

McKeon Outlines Education, Labor Plans

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