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McKeon Says Democrat Energy Plan a “Sham”

Santa Clarita’s representative tells KHTS that the plan is
just for show.

Just hours after Democrats in Congress announced their new
energy plan, Santa Clarita Representative Howard “Buck” McKeon ripped into the
plan, which he claims has little to do with energy.


“Today’s Democrat energy legislation is nothing more than a
charade intended to fool the American people.   Influenced by special
interest groups, Democrats are trying to sell America
on a piece of legislation that offers no additional domestic oil.  It is
laughable when we actually read the bill.  There is nothing comprehensive
about this ‘no-energy plan.”


The plan limits off-shore oil drilling to a minimum of 50
feet from the coast, which, according to McKeon, makes it nearly impossible to
drill since the majority of California’s
oil is believed to be located within 25 miles of the coast, before the ocean
floor drops to severe depths.


ImageAlso, McKeon says that the legislation does not include any
financial incentives for the states that host the off-shore drilling. Currently,
states that do offer drilling are paid for that ability, as is the federal
government. McKeon believes that without such an incentive for states, the
legislatures would be unwilling to allow the drilling.


Additional energy measures also have McKeon decrying the


“There is no use of clean coal.  There is no off-shore
exploration.  There is no new refinery capacity.  Instead, they have
crafted legislation that raises taxes on the American people and completely
misses the opportunity to lower gas prices, something Americans are desperately
seeking in today’s economic climate.”


McKeon charged that Democrats are using the legislation to
claim that they pursued an energy plan prior to the upcoming presidential

McKeon Says Democrat Energy Plan a “Sham”

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