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McKeon Talks About Congressional Adjournment Vote

The following is an editorial by Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon.


ImageWith working families buckling under the pressure of nearly $4.00/gallon gasoline, it’s

stunning that congressional Democrats would vote to give themselves a five week vacation without taking any action to bring down energy prices.


Small businesses are being pushed into the red and schools are cutting teachers and programs because of high gas prices. 


Yet the Democratic majority couldn’t find the time to vote on a single bill to increase domestic energy production before beating a path out of Washington for their
summer break.


Last week, McKeon and other House Republicans unveiled a new online survey designed to gather input from school officials, teachers, families, and communities about how the high price at the pump is impacting their preparations for the coming school year.


According to McKeon’s office, the  information gathered will be provided to both parties this fall to encourage action by Congress to increase production of American energy to lower fuel costs.

McKeon Talks About Congressional Adjournment Vote

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