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McKeon Votes To Oppose Providing Illegal Immigrants Benefits

He is “appalled by Democrats unethically changing final vote”

Yesterday, Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon made the following statement on the Democrat maneuver late last night to reverse the outcome of a vote that would have barred illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer-funded benefits:


“Last night’s unethical maneuver by the Democrats to overturn the final vote on a motion to send the agriculture funding bill back to committee was disgraceful, but even more outrageous was the unjust defeat of the motion that would have also kept American taxpayer dollars out of the hands of illegal aliens.


“America is a country of laws, and we cannot effectively address the issue of immigration by offering housing or any other benefits to illegal immigrants who have broken the law to cross our borders.  We have laws in place that we must enforce to control the entry of immigrants into this country, and yet, Democrats are offering them rewards and incentives to continue coming over illegally.  In reality, Republicans passed a motion to recommit the agriculture bill to prevent this practice, but the vote was fraudulently overruled.”


Image“The Republican-supported vote would have sent the agriculture funding bill back to the committee-level to be amended to bar illegal aliens from benefiting from federal handouts.  The vote was a clear victory for Republicans in protecting taxpayer dollars until the vote was overruled and declared as having failed to pass.”


“Additionally, any vote taken on the agriculture funding bill following the motion to recommit was made out of order and should not have even taken place.”


By a vote of 215-213, a majority of the House initially passed the motion on the 2008 Agriculture Appropriations bill barring illegal immigrants from receiving federal handouts for housing, but Democrat leaders immediately manipulated and overruled the final vote in order to deliver benefits to illegal aliens.

McKeon Votes To Oppose Providing Illegal Immigrants Benefits

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