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Michael Ewart Expected To Be Released On Saturday

Michael Ewart, one of the victims of a fire in their home in December, 
is expected to be released from the Grossman Burn Center on Saturday

The family will now be responsible for the many dressing changes and home
care that Michael will face over the next several weeks or months.

The following items are needed quickly and must be in place before Michael
gets home on Saturday. If anyone can help, please contact me & I will give
you our home address for these items to be delivered to. Please respond IF
you can get any of these items by 9:00pm Friday night (tonight):

6 hypoallergenic pillows

12 white pillow cases 100% cotton

10 white twin sheet sets 100% cotton

10 lightweight cotton blankets

10 lightweight loose cotton pajama bottoms (adult small or medium) 10 large
cotton T-shirts

10 white socks (pairs)

10 white wash cloths

10 white towels Large grip pencils or pens – a dozen

1 Baby monitor

1 "Boyfriend bed pillow " (to sit up in bed and read with)

1 TV tray to serve him lunch in bed

All linens should be washed in Dreft for now – when Jacqui knows if she
needs special detergent, she’ll let us know. If you are able to get any of
the items, but not launder them, that’s ok, too. It’s more important to have
the items – I will launder anything that needs it.

If you can help, please connect with Josy Block at

Michael Ewart Expected To Be Released On Saturday

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