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More Leaves Prompt More Street Sweepers

Falling leaves mean more frequent street sweeping.

Starting today the City of Santa
Clarita will begin increasing the frequency of street
sweeping throughout all areas of the City. Previously, areas were swept every
other week, but will now be swept on a weekly basis during the fall. The street
sweeping will return to the bi-weekly schedule in January.

The street sweeping will take place every week between the
hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Residents are asked to do their part to increase the
effectiveness of the citywide street sweeping by removing vehicles from the
street during scheduled street sweeping days, by keeping the street clear of
lawn and tree trimmings, trash and debris and by removing portable basketball
courts from the streets.

In addition, it is important that residents do not pile or
stack leaves either in the street or in yards. All leafy debris should be
placed in the green waste container supplied by the trash service provider.
This is to ensure that the street sweeping equipment does not become plugged which
would result in delays in the street sweeping service.

For more information, go to the City of Santa
Clarita website at and click on
the street sweeping map for the scheduled daily sweeping routes or call the
City’s Environmental Services at (661) 286-4098.

More Leaves Prompt More Street Sweepers

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