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Motives In Question In Attack

by Sandy Fischer


The recent articles in the Signal stating that Bob Kellar incorrectly completed the Fair Political Practices Commission’s (FPCC) Form #700 – Statement of Economic Interests , while appearing to report the facts fail to provide a complete picture of the issue or the man. Given the smear tactic nature of politics and the sound bite sensationalism of the media, these articles leave the public with an impression of conscience wrong doing on the part of Kellar and do not acknowledge his many contributions to the community and his strength of character.  Most unfortunate is that Santa Clarita may lose one of its best politicians if the citizens don’t see through the motives behind Bruce McFarland’s attack and cast a vote for Kellar for city council.  


 The purpose of the FPPC Form 700 is to provide public disclosure of potential conflicts of interest from business entities and individuals that may have influence over a politician due to significant and/or recurring financial contributions to either their campaign or income.  As a realtor, practically every home bought or sold by Kellar would result in a commission of greater than $10,000 given that the average price of a home is well above $335,000 in Santa Clarita.  Requiring a realtor to list these transactions not only places an undue burden and jeopardizes their business, but obfuscates the real purpose of the disclosure to identify conflicts of interest. Certainly, every transaction involving a home buyer or seller that uses the services of Bob Kellar does not create a conflict of interest. 

Even the FPCC states that fines will be imposed only if the intent was to hide information or mislead the public. Once the FPCC finishes their examination of Kellar’s filings, he most certainly will be vindicated.

Anyone who has ever dealt with Bob Kellar knows that he is a man of great integrity and conducts himself in an ethical manner. During City Council meetings, Bob will excuse himself from discussions and votes on any matter in which a true conflict of interest exists. He has worked tirelessly and selflessly for the city of Santa Clarita and the community at large with the goal of improving the quality of life in Santa Clarita by serving on the city council for 8 years and appearing at almost every charity event in town. Bob is the most accessible council member and will take the time to speak with any one who wishes to discuss a topic involving the city. He loves this community.


For a peak into the true character of Bruce McFarland one needs only to view his website, which is masked under an elect Bob Kellar domain, to see that truth and justice are not his true motives.  Don’t be misled by smear tactics and sensationalistic sound bites; cast your vote for Kellar, who has a proven record of selflessly serving the city of Santa Clarita.


Motives In Question In Attack

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