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Mountain Lion Roaming Sand Canyon

altResidents report increased sightings.

At least two mountain lion sightings have been reported in the Sand Canyon area, according to residents.

Both occurred off Iron Canyon Rd., less than a mile off of Sand Canyon Rd.


The creatures can be dangerous to animals and humans, so vigilance is encouraged especially during twilight hours when the animals are most active.

Here’s some tips for keeping safe.
DO Stand Tall- Mountain lions will be intimidated if you appear larger
DO Yell- If you make a lot of noise, you have a good chance of scaring the animal
DO NOT Hike Alone- Most mountain lions will feel outnumbered and will not confront you
DO NOT Run- Almost all animals are instinct based, and if you run, their natural tendency is to chase.

If you have livestock and pets on your property, here are a few steps to prevent a future attack.
1.) Put livestock and pets inside at night
2.) Clear brush- eliminates hiding or living areas for wild animals
3.) Install outdoor lighting, preferably motion activated- this will scare most of the wild animals away
4.) Put your garbage away- this will keep the raccoons and coyotes out, which mountain lions hunt

According to the California Department of Fish and Game, “More than half of California is Mountain Lion habitat”. This includes the Santa Clarita Valley. So stay humble and take proper precautions to protect your pets, your livestock and yourselves.

Mountain Lion Roaming Sand Canyon

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