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New Cell Phone Law Begins

New law goes into effect that prohibits talking on a cell phone while driving unless using a hands free device.Talking on your cell phone while driving will have a new set of rules to abide by starting today.  


A new California law becomes active which outlaws holding a phone to your head while operating a motor vehicle. Instead, all people 18 years of age and over must use a hands free device while speaking on a mobile phone and driving.


The law goes one step further for minors. All teenagers under 18 years old will not be allowed to talk on their cell phone while driving regardless of if they have a hands free device or not.


Penalty schedules indicate that for the first offense, drivers would pay an estimated $76. A second offense could cost $190.  


The only circumstances in which drivers could use their cell phone without a hands free device would be in the case of an emergency.


Passengers in vehicles are not subject to the new law.


For more facts on the new cell phone laws, click here.

New Cell Phone Law Begins

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