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New Governance Plan Skirts Open Government Law

Antonovich loses vote to make County CEO meetings public


The Board of Supervisors voted against a motion by Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich requiring meetings held by the Chief Executive Officer be subject to the open government requirements of the Brown Act. 


“This new governance structure builds a soundwall between elected officials and the constituents we serve.  Our chief administrative officer stated that the new governance will be “better” because policy discussions will be exempt from the Brown Act – this is a step backwards toward the old days of back room deals and catering to an all powerful bureaucrat.


 The new County governance structure skirts openness by handing power to a non-elected bureaucrat.  It is a $2 million boondoggle, money better spent extending library hours, adding sheriff patrols and improving services for foster youth. 


When you centralize power in the hands of bureaucrats, you disenfranchise the voters who elect the Supervisors to make decisions on public policy within openness of the Brown Act.”  

New Governance Plan Skirts Open Government Law

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