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New Laws Come With The New Year

What rules of the road will change in 2008?
As the glasses clink together this New Year’s Eve, its doubtful that anyone will be paying much attention to the fact that many of the laws passed by the State will at that time become active.


Some start on January 1st, others halfway through the year. Either way, you don’t want to be the one caught breaking the rule you didn’t know existed.


Here’s what’s new for road rules in 2008, according to the California Highway Patrol.


Cell Phones – A new law will make it illegal for drivers to use their cell phones while driving, unless they are doing so in “hands free” mode. This will go into effect July 1st.


Cell Phones for minors – This prohibits minors from using a cell phone while driving under any circumstances (even if using hands free). This also includes text messaging, and the law goes into effect July 1st.


Smoking With Minors In The Car – Drivers are not allowed to smoke in a vehicle if a minor is present. This is the law for cars when they are moving and parked. The CHP says that this is a secondary violation and therefore drivers cannot be stopped solely to investigate whether or not this law has been broken. This will be effective January 1st.


Double Fines – Starting January 1st, a process will be established for the designation of double fine zones. These will be zones where the roadway poses a significant safety risk.


Red-light camera trickery – Also beginning on January 1st, the sale of “coating spray” will be prohibited. This spray makes license plates difficult to read by red-light cameras, and other license plate readers.


Bike lights – Anyone riding a bicycle on a street, sidewalk or bike path after the New Year will be required to use a light and reflectors.

New Laws Come With The New Year

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