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New Skate Park Set To Open With A Bang


City set to cut ribbon on new skate park next week.



The City of Santa Clarita took a giant step to reach out to local skateboarders in 1998 and designed a free skate park for the skaters to enjoy.


Ten years after the original skate park opened, the city commissioned a new state of the art skate park to open at the City’ Sports Complex in Canyon Country.


The new 40,000 square foot park is almost four times larger then the old facility, and is set to open next Friday at 3:30 PM.


The skate park will feature large bowls, a street plaza, half-pipe tunnel, snake runs and a skate-able planter.


During construction of the new facility the old park needed to be shut down, which didn’t sit well with local skateboarders.


Then Councilman Frank Ferry facilitated a meeting with skateboarders and the city, where an agreement was reached.


The skaters were given the chance to submit ideas on what they wanted to have at the new facility, and the city was able to shut down the old site to make way for the new one.


“Another Council member and I actually met with the skateboarders that were upset to specifically talk about what they wanted the new skate park to look like,” said Mayor Ferry.  “They (skateboarders) were from day one a part of the planning of the new skateboard park.”


Ferry, taking on his alter ego Mayor Dude , will be giving 30 skaters the opportunity to ride the park before its grand opening.


The VIP passes will be given out Tuesday March 24, to skateboarders who submit ideas for new parks code of conduct.


Code of conduct entries need to be submitted by Friday for approval.


“I believe that if skateboarders write their own rules they’re more likely to follow the rules,” said Mayor Ferry


The winners will be given private access to the park on March 26.


For pictures of the new park and how to submit rules click here .




New Skate Park Set To Open With A Bang

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