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New Tactic May Speed Up Council Meetings

Public comment period of non-agenized items will be moved to
the end of the meeting.

Starting Tuesday, the public participation portion of the
Santa Clarita City Council meetings will be moved from the beginning of the
agenda to the end.


The time is allotted for the public to speak on matters not
up for consideration by the Council on the given night.


For items on the agenda, public comment time remains attached
to the particular item.


It is not known exactly why the City made the change,
although it may be in response to the recent trend involving select community
groups, who have chosen to monopolize that time period to advocate for or
against issues not on the agenda.


Several meetings have been so overwhelmed by the public
participation portion that the City Council agenda for those nights was not
even addressed until 2 hours into the meeting.


Meanwhile, the residents who participate in the meetings to
comment on the items of consideration are forced to wait that time.


The new change will allow for the Council meeting to get
underway quicker, which will certainly benefit the crowd on hand this week, as
the public hearing for the Henry Mayo/G&L Realty plan gets underway.


Be sure to check after the meeting to
find out how the discussion went.

New Tactic May Speed Up Council Meetings

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