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New Technology Fixes Water Softener Problems.

Saltless technology better for the environment. 

AES Alternative Environmental Solutions, launched the AES ScaleStopper™ System.  A Saltless Whole House Multi-Media Filtration System, an innovative system that offers an alternative to the “salt using" automatic water softener.

As municipalities and communities are increasingly banning and discouraging the use of automatic water softeners, Alternative Environmental Solutions sought to find an alternative that meets the adopted city ordinance, which makes it illegal for water softeners and saltwater pools to be connected to the city sewer system. The AES ScaleStopper™ System is a zero salt and chemical discharge technology meaning, the system further reduces the environmental impact as compared to conventional salt discharging water softeners and portable soft water exchange tanks. This is great news for Santa Clarita residents who are being asked to disconnect their existing water softeners or face increased sewer fees.


Alternative Environmental Solutions has found another way besides rental portable exchange softening to resolve the brine and salt challenge with a product called the AES ScaleStopper™. “This new system and breakthrough certified technology is an environmentally sound solution and is an approved alternative to Automatic Water Softeners in Santa Clarita since it does not add salt (sodium or potassium) to the sewer,” said President of AES Mark Howlett and Past President of the Pacific Water Quality Association. “The AES ScaleStopper™ requires virtually no maintenance, costs virtually nothing to operate, and protects the environment while protecting your home from the harmful effects of scale.” Plus, the system provides bottle water quality water from every faucet in the home or business in addition to eliminating scale deposits and spotting.

The AES ScaleStopper™ is an alternative to Consumers. Not only does this technology reduce scale, it also helps control the unwanted growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, mold and lime scale in the bathtub or shower and reduces elements that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant. “The Scale Control unit is a revolutionary technology, which has been proven in commercial applications throughout the United States over the last three years with over eight years of successful use commercially and residentially in Europe,” comments Carlos Mireles, Operations Manager for AES. The AES ScaleStopper™ effectively causes hardness minerals in water to crystallize, which prevents them from forming a scale that makes water heaters and other water-using appliances work harder than necessary. The Technology causes hardness minerals to stick together rather than on your dishes, skin, etc. The process gives consumers most of the soft water 

benefits without the slimy feeling of soft water and most importantly, without discharging salt into the environment. “For residents of Santa Clarita, the proof is in the pudding,” says Howard Rutherford, longtime Santa Clarita resident and AES Sales Representative, “the product has been tested through one of the most rigorous scale control certification standards today (The European DVGW W-512 standard for Scale Control) and has passed with a 99.6% effectiveness rating.”

Alternative Environmental Solutions operates in full compliance with the Water Quality Association and is a member of the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. For more information on The AES ScaleStopper™, please call 661-510-8701 or visit us on the web at .

About Alternative Environmental Solutions:

AES Alternative Environmental Solutions™ invites consumers to join our mission of preserving the environment for future generations. In today’s marketplace there are many choices for a consumer, AES chooses clean, environmentally-friendly solutions for water treatment, and we invite consumers to do the same. With over forty-five years of combined experience, the AES team specializes in “Green” Water Treatment for the home and office.

New Technology Fixes Water Softener Problems.

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