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Newhall School District Bond A Potential Win Win

newhall_school_district_copyOn November 8, voters will not have to elect any new board members for the Newhall School District because those holding office are running unopposed, however, there is $60 million bond Measure E up for approval.

“We are asking voters to extend our current bond. This is not a new tax. Homeowners are already paying the rates,” said Newhall School District Superintendent Dr. Marc Winger.

“People are not going to notice a bump on that line of their property tax bill. It will remain the same.  It will simply be paid out for a longer period of time,” said Christy Smith, Governing Board Member of Newhall School District.

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When reminded of Governor Brown’s failed attempt to extend current taxes, Winger brought up a key difference – the money will stay local.

“Sacramento cannot touch it,” Winger said.

Smith explained how the money would be spent.

“Some of the funds will be going into a 10-year technology endowment. So we know that will last 10 years. Well invested. Well spent,” Smith said.

Other projects will be revenue generating.

“For instance, the refurbishment of the Newhall auditorium allows us to open that venue not only to our school community but to the community at large which becomes a revenue generator for us,” said Smith.

According to Smith, money spent on improving water and energy use at all ten school sites would provide a cost savings to the district that then allows those resources to be “recaptured” by the general fund.

One of the key benefits for approving Measure E, as Winger explains it, is the ability to free up $600,000 of operation money which would go directly to the classroom.

The Newhall School District conducted opinion polls and consulted with 25 opinion leaders many of whom emphasized that by helping schools they help themselves.

“People were willing to support infrastructure improvements, and new roofing materials, and upgraded science labs, and upgraded technology. They understand how important that is to maintaining, the quality of life and property values in the surrounding community,” Smith said.

The Measure E bond would be paid off in 2057.

For more information on the Newhall School District facilities plan, click here:

Newhall School District Bond A Potential Win Win

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