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Newhall School District Puts Out Call For Citizens Oversight Committee In Advance Of Election

newhall_school_districtOn November 8, voters living within the Newhall School District attendance boundaries will decide whether or not to support a $60 million school bond called Measure E.

Governing Board President Suzan Solomon says they’ve taken the steps to create a Citizens Oversight Committee for the measure before the votes are even cast.

“We want to be ready to go, we want to hit the ground running, we want to be transparent with the community, that we’re organized, that we can be trusted to do the job that they support us to do and that we respect and ask their involvement to be a part of it,” said Solomon.

Upon voter approval of Measure E, the district is required to form a Citizens’ Oversight Committee, which is designed to insure accountability to the public.  The committee must include at least seven members of the community who will be appointed by the Governing Board of the School District.

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“We seated a Citizens Committee for our last bond, Measure K, even when it was not mandated.  We found that having a sounding board of community members helped us make decisions as we moved along and kept focus on those projects we promised to the community,” said Marc Winger, superintendent of the Newhall School District.

Measure E, a general obligation bond, is proposed to help modernize, renovate and revitalize Newhall School District schools.

For more details on the proposed project list, click here.

Solomon says the district has been working hard to get votes.

_mrs_suzan_solomon“We’ve been phone banking for about a month now. We’ve sent out mailers, and prior to that the board has done a study over the last year. We did a feasibility study and sent two surveys out to the community to find out if they would support a bond,” Solomon said.

She says surveys indicated voters are in favor of the bond, despite the tough economy, particularly because it’s not a new tax, but an extension of an existing one.

Now, for Solomon there’s only one task left.

“People just need to get out and support our schools,” said Solomon.


Applications for membership on the Committee must be submitted on the District’s Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) Application Form.  Applications submitted not using the Application Form may not be considered.  The Application Form is available upon request and can be downloaded from the Newhall School District Website at

The deadline to submit a completed Application Form is 4:30 PM on November 30, 2011.  Mailed Application Forms should be addressed (by deadline) to:

Newhall School District

Attention: Marc Winger, Superintendent

25375 Orchard Village Road

Valencia, CA 91355

FAXed applications will not be accepted.  Applications submitted or received after the deadline may not be considered.  Under State law, the District cannot hold the completed applications as confidential documents.

Employees of the district and vendors, consultants and contractors who work for, or provide services to, the district may not serve on the Committee.  Members of School District PTAs, PTOs, Site Councils, and foundations are encouraged to apply.

The selection process for Committee applicants may include an interview by the Governing Board or a subcommittee thereof at a Special Board meeting.

Final selection of the members of the Committee will be by the Governing Board.  Final selection and appointment of the initial members of the Committee is expected by mid to late January 2012.

Questions and/or comments concerning the Committee, the application process, the Application Form and associated Committee materials should be directed to Dr. Marc Winger, Superintendent, at 661.291.4000.

Upon request, interested community members will receive:

1)  The Application Form for committee membership

2)  The Policies and Regulations for the Measure E Citizens Oversight Committee

3)  The bond project list

These items are also available on the District’s website at

Newhall School District Puts Out Call For Citizens Oversight Committee In Advance Of Election

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