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Northpark Community Gets More, Pays Less in City

Although new to the City, the Northpark community has already begun to reap the benefits of cityhood.




Northpark is the City’s twenty-sixth community to be annexed since the City incorporated in 1987. With nearly 6,000 residents and 2,100 housing units, Northpark, located in upper Valencia off Copperhill Drive, brings the City’s population to nearly 178,000.With their annexation, residents in Northpark are now able to sign up ahead of unincorporated residents, utilizing priority sign up for the City’s recreation and sports programs at the “City resident rate,” rather than the unincorporated resident rate. The rate differentiation reflects a City subsidy for residents inside the City and an actual cost to residents outside the City, a difference of anywhere from 20% to 40% depending upon the program.
Additionally, Northpark residents are now receiving more police services in the City, which provides 16-17 patrol cars in the City’s 52-square mile area, compared with 3-5 cars in the 500-square mile unincorporated area. Response times are also lower in the City area than in the unincorporated area with emergency responses a full two minutes quicker inside the City.
Since Northpark annexed to Santa Clarita last month, the City has:
· Installed 16 new STOP sign pavement markings
· Installed four new “No Parking” signs
· Installed three new street name signs
· Installed two new “Intersection Ahead” signs
· Cleaned graffiti from five street signs
· Performed 25 STOP sign inspections
· Repainted the white dash lines through the intersection of McBean and Copperhill
Additionally, Northpark residents have already started saving money. These residents no longer pay 5% utility user tax on their gas, electric, telephone, and cellular phone bills, which saves an average of $200 a year per household. And, the City has completed a street tree assessment to establish trimming cycles and planting needs. Also, with the City’s trash collection franchise agreement which became effective April 15, 2006, they are paying an average of $8 a month less for trash collection and are now receiving more trash services including unlimited recycling and yard waste collection, special large item picks and more.

Northpark Community Gets More, Pays Less in City

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