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NY Man Fights Back Against Pedophile Website

Local parents head to site to see photos of the man who’s showed up in SCV

 Last week, KHTS ran a story about Jack McClellan, a self confessed pedophile who runs a website devoted to ranking locations around Los Angeles on how good they are for young girl watching.

Many who responded to our article were disgusted that someone would put information about where to find pre-pubescent girls on the internet, and could legally do so.

It was also of concern that two of the places Jack McClellan visited were here in Santa Clarita. 

McClellan is not an unknown. In fact, CBS ran an interview with him not long ago, which can be accessed by clicking here.

It was after watching that interview, that New York resident Ron Tebo felt the same as many others. Only he took it one step further.

“I searched for the domain name, Jack and sure enough, it was available,” he says. “So I put up a site to make parents aware of Jack and to put safety tips up there.”

Tebo has created

While McClellan has been reluctant to show his face during interviews, Ron Tebo has tracked down a picture of him that is available for parents to view and print.

Tebo says that he simply felt compelled to do something because he feels McClellan’s website should be shut down.
In fact, he’s even spoken with Jack McClellan. “I told him that I would stop my campaign against him if he shut down his website.”

McClellan’s website is still in operation.

So until Tebo gets what he wants, he vows to continue to take the fight to McClellan’s site.

McClellan has been shut down before; he used to run the site out of Washington; however authorities there were able to shut down the site.

Currently, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Victims Bureau is looking into McClellan’s site. 


NY Man Fights Back Against Pedophile Website

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