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Occupy Santa Clarita Visits Congressional Field Office

Carole_Lutness_Occupy_SCV.Buck_visitConcerned about the state of the economy, the lack of jobs and the growing disparity in wealth between the top 1% earners and the 99%, about a dozen members of Occupy Santa Clarita visited Congressman Buck McKeon’s Valencia office on December 1 to ask him to support the “Contract for the American Dream.”

Speaking to Deputy Chief of Staff Bob Haueter, members of the group reminded him that America is not broke.

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“America is rich, still the wealthiest nation ever. But too many at the top are grabbing the gains which is the real reason we are in such a terrible place right now,” stated Carole Lutness, local activist and chair of the SCV Fair Elections Committee. “Millions of jobless Americans would love the opportunity to be working tax-paying citizens again.  We have a job crisis, not a deficit crisis. We need Buck to stop protecting those at the top and start representing us.”

The group offered a 10 point plan, asking McKeon to sign on because he’s one of the 99% too.

Their suggestions included: invest in infrastructure, create 21st Century energy jobs, invest in public education, offer Medicare for all, make work pay with a living wage and the right to collectively bargain, secure Social Security, return to fairer tax rates, end the wars and invest at home, tax Wall Street speculation and strengthen democracy through fair clean elections and reigning in corporate power.

Occupy Santa Clarita is a nonpartisan group of concerned citizens who want to see the corruption of our political system by big money stopped.  For more information see Occupy Santa Clarita on FACEBOOK.


Occupy Santa Clarita Visits Congressional Field Office

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