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Old Email Sparks Fears

Sheriff’s urge residents to be weary about forwarded emails.

An old email has resurfaced lately, and has caused many to forward it to KHTS looking for answers.


The email warned that an Antelope Valley gang called Ballerz On Point may be heading into Santa Clarita to commit their crimes. It gave descriptions of gang related tattoos and how the gang members work.


The email said that an influx of criminal activity may be due to the recent crackdown by Antelope Valley Sheriff’s Deputies.


Unfortunately, as the email has prompted fear, it is out of context and may not be 100% accurate.


The message originated as an internal memo to deputies in the Santa Clarita station after they arrested several of the gang members for local crimes. The arrests were made in one day, and were the result of cooperation between the Antelope Valley and the city of Santa Clarita’s deputies.


The Sheriff’s Department proactively issued the memo to warn their deputies about a possible increase in these instances so that they could head off any potential danger.


Somehow, Sheriff’s officials say, the memo got out to the public and was circulated. This led people to believe that Santa Clarita was in the midst of a problem with this particular gang.


Lt. Brenda Cambra says that there have been no related incidents since the original crimes.


She also stressed that the public should be sure to get their information from credible news organizations, not emails.


This email first surfaced a couple of months ago, prompting the Sheriff’s Department to release a clarifying statement.


Now that it’s back, officials are asking that residents do not further the spread of this panic inducing email.


With mass forwarded emails, it is hard to determine whether or not the content has been tampered with or is dated.

Old Email Sparks Fears

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