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Our City Seal: What Does It Mean To You?

When you look to the great seal of our great city of Santa Clarita, what do you see? Is it a house, a road and a tree, or do you see more?
It may not exactly be a portrait one might see in a gallery and ponder its depth. No, the meaning of this great seal can only be seen by those who live in that very picture.
For those who get it, it is looked upon through different eyes, and therefore different conclusions can be drawn. This is mine.

I see green. Green on the lawns of homes, on the hills, and in between the streets. In this day and age where concrete is king, green is a pleasant sight, and a welcome one at that. Front lawns, and open parks are gentle reminders that we are home. The workplace for so many is a drab, dull, off-white scene with few windows and partitions in place of walls.
We spend so much of our lives in that world, that we need that green to wake us up, to grab us by the shoulder and shake the rest of the world out of us. It’s not just pretty; it’s the very line that separates what we do from what we love. It’s our own little piece of this great big world.

Then there’s the house. The house is…well, just that. Perhaps in this case, its not so much what you see, but what you don’t.
There’s a garage, not a carport. No liquor store bordering the right of the house, no freeway on the left. I look and look, and yet I cannot see any bars on the windows, or spiked iron fence around the front yard.
There is a white fence on one side of the house. I know the white picket fence thing is a little cliché, but bear with me.  It’s the dream. Nobody dreams of renting all their lives or moving every year. We work and work to get to the day when we can buy our own little home, and make it our own. Let’s remember that since before the city began, Santa Clarita was the place people came when they wanted that dream. The houses were less expensive, and it was safe. It was the white fence dream, and now, twenty some years later as I move within reach of that dream, Santa Clarita is still the only place where I can have it all.

There’s still more seal to see! Check out part 2 tomorrow.

Jon Dell
KHTS AM 1220 News

Our City Seal: What Does It Mean To You?

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