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Plan Around Severe Weather In Santa Clarita


Weather experts say we could see rain, snow at 2,000 feet.

As far as weather patterns go, consider Monday’s rain just a warm-up for the main event continuing this week.

Experts are predicting that the rain will get heavier Monday evening and could lag into Tuesday morning. Coupled with the influx of cold air, that could even bring some early morning snow to the 2,000 foot level.

Depending on how heavy the snow is, the California Highway Patrol may elect to close the I-5 through the Grapevine. Such a scenario could divert traffic initially through Santa Clarita, especially the Castaic area. Snow is also possible in the Agua Dulce area.

It is not expected to snow into the daytime; temperatures should rise to the low 50s and the rain should let up. Tuesday and Wednesday the weather should be cold and dry.

Starting Thursday, the rain will be back, and the Santa Clarita Valley should see little relief from the wet weather until Monday. Warmer temperatures should raise the snow levels up past 4,000 feet.

On a busy work week the rain will likely clog the I-5, Hwy 14 and commuter roads like Sierra highway and the Old Road. Surface streets will also be slow, as accidents increase dramatically during rainy days.

Here are some tips for how to keep on schedule during the rain:

  • Leave early. We all know the traffic is going to be bad, so leave the house 15 minutes to one hour early, depending on how far you commute.
  • Drive slower than normal. The only thing worse than being stuck behind a bad traffic accident is being the accident. During rainy weather, it is much harder to control a vehicle, so the safest thing to do is slow down. Accelerate slowly and keep under the posted speed limit (the speed limit applies only during optimal road conditions).
  • Keep people informed. If you are going to be late because of traffic, call ahead. If headed to work, tell your boss what the situation is and when they can expect you. People are less likely to be upset if they know what’s going on.
  • Stick to the plan. There are times when a bad accident will warrant exiting the freeway or taking a different route. Many times, however, the diversion actually chews up more time. Usually the alternate route takes time to get to, is longer (in terms of mileage) and just as prone to congestion. If the accident is really bad, get off. If not, stay the course.
  • Tune into AM-1220. KHTS provides up to the minute traffic details specifically for the Santa Clarita area every ten minutes.

Plan Around Severe Weather In Santa Clarita

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