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Power Lines Spark Anger Up Bouquet Canyon

Alternate plan does more harm than good, say residents.

As Edison plans on routing power lines down into Santa Clarita, the particular route they take was a hot topic to residents up Bouquet Canyon Road.


Just a few miles past Plum Canyon Road, there live hundreds of residents in a naturally beautiful setting.


When they heard that Edison was looking to bring imposing power line structures into their area, they quickly assembled a response.


However, in the meantime, the Public Utilities Commission quietly passed an alternate route for Edison, which plops several “Mega Transmissions” very near residents’ houses. 


The structures are two to three times the size of regular power line towers, and carry 500,000 volts. They can come as high as 180ft tall.


The structure’s position is far more than just an eyesore that will now be seen over Bouquet Reservoir. The placement impedes firefighting efforts in the hills, making it impossible for firefighters to do any air drops if flames are close to the charged lines.


They also stand to lower property values in the area, and could hurt business.


“We’re concerned with the aesthetics, we’re concerned about firefighters being able to use aerial tactics, and were concerned that by bringing these towers down by the river, it will have an adverse effect on wildlife,” said Mike Milligan, owner of Cavi at the Big Oaks, a restaurant in the area.


A recent meeting about the issue has left residents with little hope as to the future of the safety and beauty of their homes.  

Power Lines Spark Anger Up Bouquet Canyon

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