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Rebuttal To KHTS Antonovich Editorial

The following is a rebuttal to a KHTS editorial:

Your recent editorial bashing Supervisor Antonovich was unfortunately the continuation of the bad mouthing that the sheep like followers of the city of Santa Clarita have come to when a voice or an opinion other than that of the city’s is made public.  Supervisor Antonovich’s actions in response to requests from his constituents should be applauded for this is what elected officials are sworn to do. Unfortunately many elected officials from city government, the U.S. Senate and even the Presidency have ignored the will of the people and pursued their own personnel agendas.  Mr. Antonovich has been answering the calls of his constituents that have the wherewithal to question the city of Santa Clarita’s proposed attempt to annex Stonecrest.

The more questions that are raised by the residents the more gloom and doom the city and its supporters inundate the Stonecrest neighborhood with.  Is it truly the will of the city that its residents be sheep and blindly follow the city’s direction wherever it may lead?  The city has tactfully used the Cemex mine issue to denounce those that question the Stonecrest annexation.  It’s sad we live in a society where people who ask questions are painted with the broad brush of an insurgent.

Supervisor Antonovich was one of only two supervisors that voted not to approve the mine, however the County of Los Angeles with it’s vast resources recognized to fight against the Federal Government over federally controlled land was a battle the county could not win.  The county chose to participate in a consent decree that would guarantee at least some oversight of the mining project as well as some restrictions.  Had it gone through the full litigation process the county would have no restrictions on the Cemex Mining Project.

Michael Antonovich should be held in the highest regards for what he has done for this district.  You should be ashamed of your one sided reporting.  I’ve kept my mouth quiet over the misinformation put out on the interview you did with Bob Baida and at your lack of investigative reporting, but will keep quiet now longer. If we had people on the city of Santa Clarita’s Council like Antonovich the city would be a better place and the issue of annexation of Stonecrest would be a done deal by now.

Bob Saylor

Stonecrest resident













Bob Saylor

Rebuttal To KHTS Antonovich Editorial

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