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Republicans Try To Stall State Budget

Republicans refuse to support the state budget because they see a $700 million deficit.


ImageThe California State Legislature failed in its attempt to pass the proposed 2007-08 California State Budget.  Last month, the state assembly approved the budget; yet, the outcome from the senate is still pending. 


Republicans have refused to support the budget, believing the $700 million deficit will not only affect the state’s financials this year, but the years to come. 


Only two Republican senators need to vote for the budget in order to satisfy the 2/3 majority, and get it out of deadlock.  


Republicans also say that the funds included in the budget will grant more money than the state can afford.  Although there are many organizations that need state money, they insist that they can fund all the programs, without cutting any of them. 




Republican leader Dick Ackerman says that by slowing the growth of many of the programs, the state would be able to afford funding.  “We aren’t cutting the programs, we’re just reducing the growth. The budget has grown much faster than the population, and there’s plenty of room for reduction."


The Republicans main goal, in the beginning of the year, was for the budget to balance. “Our goal was to have a balanced budget, with a zero deficit, and an adequate reserve.  We haven’t achieved those goals.” says Ackerman.  


But, Democrats say that the budget can’t take any more cuts.  They also say that the new budget, which Republicans have proposed, will cut out many necessary funds.   


Alicia Trost, spokesperson for Democrat Senator Don Perata, says that the budget will not bring deficits, and can’t be reduced any more.  “We feel the budget cannot support any more cuts, whether in schools, nursing homes, or community colleges.”   

Republicans Try To Stall State Budget

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