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Richman Campaign Hits Airwaves

California Business Owner and State Assemblyman Keith Richman began running the first radio and television spots in this year's race for State Treasurer this week.   
The radio and television ads that introduce voters to Richman's impressive business, medical and legislative careers and his fiscally responsible values can be seen and heard in Los Angeles, the Central Valley and in Orange County.  

"I wanted to start talking directly to voters about my fiscally responsible, mainstream values and my commitment to solving problems and improving California's future.  While some voters already know about my bipartisan legislative achievements, I hope to expand that base and highlight my leadership in building an $80 million health care company and a Pacific Rim packaging company," Richman said.  

The strategic advertising buy was designed to use broadcast and cable television to reach Republican voters before the airwaves become crowded in the traditional May campaign period.  The coordinated electronic media campaign will expand to the Inland Empire, Sacramento and San Diego media markets in the weeks ahead.  

The Richman Campaign is also pleased to announce that a new campaign website is up and it contains more information about Keith's Treasurer campaign, including the new radio and television advertisements.  

The new site can be found at the old address,   "The Internet has changed our lives and has changed political campaigns.  California's future depends upon using technology to remain competitive and meet the growing challenge of global competition.  A campaign's website is a good place to judge a candidate competitiveness and ability to communicate.  I know you will like ours," Richman said.   

Richman Campaign Hits Airwaves

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