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Route 6 Reveals History Right In Front Of Us

ImageToday, Mayor Marsha McLean and Councilwoman Laurene Weste unveiled the new Historic Route 6 signs that are now in place along Sierra Highway. But this is not just any roadway. This one of the oldest, and the second longest highway in the United States; stretching from Provincetown, Massachusetts to Long Beach.

The road itself, while still intact has been overrun by the seemingly endless number of freeways and roads that have since made travel faster.

The problem with those roads is, of course, that you can take them across country and not see much of anything. Just as people flaunt the magnificence of a drive up PCH compared to the 101, Route 6 is the same in that it turns a drive into an experience.

A map of Route 6 can be seen by clicking here .

The old Route 6, Newhall tunnel near where Eternal Valley is today.

Not many people know of Route 6’s existence. While the road wasn’t a coast to coast journey until the 1940’s, its run through Newhall followed an already existing road that first brought settlers to this area.

Now the road is called Sierra Highway, and enters Santa Clarita underneath the towering I-5/14 interchange and continues up through Canyon Country, and into Lancaster.

There is an organization who champions the resurrection of Route 6, as it isn’t officially a highway anymore in many areas. The goal behind this is to add a sense of history for these lands and towns that were once booming around the busy roadway.

The economic impact of freeways may be good news to off-ramp mega malls and outlet stores, however they have diverted people away from the little places that have the 100 year old school house, and the old saloon still up. Sadly, those areas have gone mostly unnoticed and many historical landmarks have disappeared.



The new sign

Mayor McLean urged the public to travel off the beaten path saying; “Take the road less traveled!”

Councilwoman Laurene Weste was also excited about the signs, and she is a key reason Santa Clarita is a part of this growing fervor for nostalgia, having worked with the Route 6 Tourist Association during her year as Mayor.

For more photos of a Newhall you never knew, please check out and .  

Julie Lombard of the Route 6 Tourist Association

Councilwoman Laurene Weste

Fred Hann gets the Volunteer Service Award


Route 6 Reveals History Right In Front Of Us

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