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Rudy Giuliani Outlines Campaign Pledges On KHTS

Portion of his “Twelve commitments to the American people” detailed

This morning, presidential candidate and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani called in live to the Hometown Morning show and spoke with host John Summers.


Giuliani has proposed certain ideas from his campaign, some of which are detailed in what he calls his “twelve commitments to the American people. He went into greater detail on those commitments on AM 1220 this morning.


They include staying on offense against Islamic terrorism, ending illegal immigration, and providing healthcare to more Americans.


“We would change the tax code to give people individual deductions, so they can buy their own health insurance, so they can relate to their own doctor and make their decisions with a doctor, not with a Hillary-care government bureaucrat in the middle of it,” Giuliani said.


He also stated the importance of legal reform, which he says is a major burden on American tax payers. “Most Americans probably don’t realize that they’re paying 8, 9, 10,11 thousand dollars a year for the cost of an out of control legal system with these frivolous law suits and incredibly large damages,” commented Mayor Giuliani. “If we reform that the way Texas has done for example, you could save enormous amounts of money and have a system that works more fairly.”


Giuliani touts his twelve points as the right way to run for office. “People gotta know what you think; you can’t just try to be ambiguous about everything.” 


The interview also covered Giuliani’s successes in New York and he had some rather sharp words for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “Baby Bond.” The “Baby Bond” is Clinton’s proposal to provide a $5,000 bond to every child born in America.


Giuliani said that he challenged her on that right away. “So you’re gonna send out twenty, twenty-two billion dollars a year?” He continued “So we challenged her on that and we pushed it really hard for a couple of days…she backed off.”


You can hear the whole interview by clicking here!

Rudy Giuliani Outlines Campaign Pledges On KHTS

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