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Runner Responds To Senate Change

Runner remains Republican Caucus Chairman, vows to work with new leader.

Senate Republican Caucus Chairman George Runner released the following statement regarding the Senate Republican leadership change that occurred last night:

“In the midst of the senate leadership change that occurred last night, I have retained the role of Caucus chairmanship and will continue to work closely with new leader, Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth, to hold the line on taxes.

“While Senate Republicans believe the budget deal includes necessary improvements to California's budgeting process, we staunchly oppose further burdening California families and businesses with additional taxes; Californians already pay some of the highest taxes in the country and it's not fair to go back to them and ask for more.  

“Additionally, history has shown that creating taxes during an economic downturn only hastens a recession. We believe right now is the time to help families, not hurt them. It is the time to give small business the incentive to stay and create jobs in California; not send them fleeing into the waiting arms of other states with friendlier business climates.”

Runner Responds To Senate Change

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