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Runner’s Senate Legislation Put On Hold

Antelope Valley/Santa Clarita Senator says bills will get Gov’s attention eventually, but probably not this month.

ImageIn response to Governor Schwarzenegger’s announcement that he won’t sign legislation until a budget is passed, three bills authored by our Sen. George Runner and approved by the Senate, will be held at the Senate desk out of “harm’s way” instead of going to the Governor’s office for consideration.


“We have worked too hard with constituents and community leaders on important legislation just to see it die at the hands of political gamesmanship,” Runner said. “The good news is the governor’s actions won’t stop quality legislation from moving forward; it will just slow down the process.”


Runner has about 10 more bills (some of which are jointly or co-authored) that are expected to receive Senate approval before the Aug. 31 constitutional deadline that closes 2007-08 legislative session. Those bills will also be held at the desk until a budget is signed. 


But a budget deal could be another month in the making, Runner said.


“Democrat leadership insists on raising billions of dollars in taxes and that’s an idea Republican and moderate Democrats won’t support,” Runner said. “If the majority party believes they have the support of a super majority, they should bring the budget bill to the Senate and Assembly floors for a vote.”


The three Runner bills that are held at the Senate desk include:


  • Senate Bill 1303, which will prohibit back pay to teachers who have admitted to using drugs.
  • Senate Bill 61, which would change the election cycle for the Castaic Lake Water Agency officials;         
  • Senate Bill 1168 ensures that seriously ill college students will continue to receive health care insurance through their family's health care insurance policy even if they are unable to maintain their full-time student status.

Runner’s Senate Legislation Put On Hold

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