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Safe Neighborhoods Act Will Be “Proposition 6″ On Ballot

George Runner’s initiative to be decided in November. Our State Senator George Runner, Mike Reynolds (father of Three Strikes) and San Bernardino County Supervisor Gary Ovitt have announced that their November ballot initiative, the Safe Neighborhoods Act, has been assigned Proposition 6 by Secretary of State Debra Bowen.


"This step in the initiative process brings Californians that much closer to taking back our neighborhoods from gangs," Runner said. "I have no doubt that voters will overwhelmingly approve Proposition 6 – the Safe Neighborhoods Act in November."


Proposition 6 is a comprehensive measure that increases punishment for gang and street criminals; establishes sustainable funding for California law enforcement; pays for 21st century tools like GPS monitoring and central gang databases; prevents youths from heading down the wrong path, and protects victims and their families.


Image"The Safe Neighborhoods Act hits gangs where they live," Reynolds said. "It increases penalties for crimes often associated with gangs and it punishes gang members who recruit youths. This is a long overdue solution to California's gang problem."


Proposition 6 will increase penalties for felons and gang members with guns; heighten penalties for criminal accomplices; and prohibit bail for illegal aliens charged with violent or gang crimes.


The authors of Proposition 6 said while the measure is tough on gang crime, they realize that California cannot simply arrest its way out of the gang problems that plague many of its communities.


"This measure invests heavily into saving our children from gang involvement through prevention and intervention programs," Ovitt said. "Furthermore, Proposition 6 requires anti-gang and crime prevention programs to pass the rigorous scrutiny of a public-appointed Early Intervention and Rehabilitation Commission. In other words: no more wasting millions of taxpayers' dollars on unsuccessful anti-gang programs."

The measure is supported by every elected California sheriff, the California Police Chiefs' Association, the California District Attorneys Association, Chief Probation Officers' of California and nearly every other law enforcement group including rank and file law enforcement organizations like the Peace Officers Research Association of California.

Proposition 6 will also:

  • Toughen laws for methamphetamine distribution and sales;
  • Enforce Section 8 Housing compliance;
  • Protect witness testimony;
  • Punish smugglers of prison contraband;
  • Create a statewide gang registry;
  • Establish the "Use a gun and lose a car" law;
  • Allow counties (that are under federal court order to release jail inmates) to operate temporary jail facilities;
  • Impose felony penalties on serial graffiti offenders.


You can learn more at


Safe Neighborhoods Act Will Be “Proposition 6″ On Ballot

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