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Sanitation Board To Make Final Decision

khts_waterfaucetOn Tuesday, a public hearing will take place at City Hall at which the County Sanitation District’s Board of Directors will decide on whether to enact the increased salt tax.

After many informational meetings on the proposed salt tax, it was made clear that the rates for homeowners could increase by 50%.

It has also been explained that half of the proposed increase is for the continued operation of existing facilities. The other half is for planning and design efforts for a plant that will meet the state-mandated requirements for chloride levels in our water.

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Currently, 117 mg/l is the chloride level in our valley’s water. The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board says that 100 mg/l is the norm.

But the bigger problem lies within the rate increase for local business owners. This increase in rates could cost local restaurants up to $298,000 by the year 2014. This raises many concerns about the welfare of our economy in the future.

The only way to completely stop this proposition in its tracks is to submit your protest.

68,000 proposition 218 notices were sent out on June 11, notices that made the property owner aware of the increase in tax rates and allowed the property owner to protest this rate increase.

Dave Bruns, Assistant Department Head for Financial Planning, said that in order for the proposition to be stopped, roughly 34,000 forms are necessary. Only 6,500 were filled out and returned.

“Unless there’s a massive number of protester forms submitted from now and tomorrow, the decision lies in the hands of the sanitation board”, said Brun.

The hearing will follow a tea party protest at 6:30 pm on Tuesday night at city hall.

Sanitation Board To Make Final Decision

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