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Santa Clarita Crime Reports 12/10 To 12/16

Santa Clarita Crime Reports 12/10 To 12/16

Below are reports from the different Sheriff’s Department zone’s throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station divides its coverage into eight zones, seven of which are in the Santa Clarita Valley, listed in alphabetical order. (Gorman is the eighth).

Below is a summary of incidents that took place in the last week in the SCV:

Here’s a summary of Canyon Country – East incidents:
In Zone 8, the following Part-1 crimes occurred:

The following is a snapshot of Part-1 crimes reported last week:

10 Part-1 crimes were reported in Zone 8 last week:

Aggravated Assault:
27000 Block of Sierra Hwy – Suspect choked victim during an argument. THE SUSPECT MH/27 was arrested without incident.

27000 Block of Palo Verde Place – Suspects pried open the locked door of the victim’s storage closet and took tools, a generator, men’s clothing, and propane tanks
27000 Block of Tyler Lane – Suspects forced open the victim’s garage door and stole items from his two vehicles and a mountain bike.
19000 Block of Golden Valley Road -Target- Suspects smashed the front door glass after hours to gain entry into the store. The suspects then smashed display cases in the electronics department and stole cameras and other items.

Jakes Way X 14 Freeway – Suspect smashed the front passenger window of the victim’s vehicle. The car was ransacked but nothing was taken.
19000 Block of Golden Valley Road – Target – Suspect was detained by loss prevention office after he was seen breaking into vehicles in the parking lot. THE SUSPECT MH/19 was arrested without incident.
14000 Block of Grandifloras Road – Suspect gained access to a Time Warner Cable box and stole long life batteries. This crime trend has been occurring over the past several months throughout the valley. Anyone with information is being asked to contact the Sheriff’s department or you can send me an email.
19105 Block of Golden Valley Road – Target – Suspect entered the store and selected several items of clothing and alcohol and then walked out of the store without paying. THE SUSPECT FH/29 was arrested without incident.

Grand Theft Auto:
Flynn Drive X Jason Drive – Suspect stole the victim’s 1994 Acura Integra which was parked on the street in front of the location.
14000 Daisy Meadow – Suspect stole the victim’s 1990 Jeep Wrangler from the street in front of the location. 

Here’s a summary of Canyon Country – West incidents:
This past week in Zone 7, the following Part-1 crimes occurred: 

(1) Aggravated Assault, (2) Residential Burglaries, (1) Shoplift Burglary, (1) Theft From an Unlocked Vehicle, (3) Petty Thefts, (4) GTAs/(1) Attempt GTA. 

An aggravated assault occurred near the 29800 block of Arline St. Unknown suspects threw several rocks at the victim and the victim’s residence. Responding deputies were unable to locate the suspects at the time of the incident. The investigation of this case is ongoing.

A residential burglary occurred near the 26900 block of Rainbow Glen. An unknown suspect entered the victim’s garage took several pieces of jewelry. There were no signs of forced entry.

On Thursday, Dec. 13th 2012, a male transient was arrested for a shoplift burglary near the 19400 block of Soledad Canyon Rd. The suspect entered the location, took a bottle of alcohol and exited without paying for it. He was apprehended by responding deputies.

A Theft from an unlocked vehicle occurred near the 18600 block of Via Princessa. The victim parked her unlocked vehicle for approximately fifteen minutes. When she returned to her vehicle, her GPS system was missing.

An attempt GTA occurred near the 19600 block of Steinway St. The victim returned home and saw a male suspect inside his vehicle.
The suspect fled with an additional male suspect upon the victim’s arrival. The investigation is ongoing.

A 1997 Honda Civic was taken from 26900 block of Flo Ln.

A 1994 Honda Civic was taken from the 27200 block of Camp Plenty Rd.

A 1995 Honda Civic was taken from the 19400 block of Stillmore St.

There were several arrests made in Zone 7 last week. Arrests included domestic violence, narcotics and weapons charges.

Here’s a summary of Castaic – Val Verde incidents:
There were seven Part-1 Crimes in Castaic/Val Verde this past week. 

There was one domestic violence related sexual assault reported in Castaic. 

An incident of arson was reported off of Corsica Place, Castaic, where a Molotov cocktail was thrown through the living room window.

There were three reported thefts from the Industrial area and one in Castaic. In these cases, vehicles were targeted and gas and tools were taken.

here was one reported commercial burglary off of Industry Drive, Castaic. The roll-up bay door was struck with a vehicle and a plasma cutter was taken.

Notable: The suspect in the Castaic Arson was arrested in Ventura County by the California Highway Patrol after being involved in a traffic collision.

Here’s a summary of Saugus incidents:
This week we had a slight increase in violent crime. There were two robberies which occurred around the same area, but on different days. One of the robberies occurred from the 26400 block of Carl Boyer Dr. on Tuesday, 12/11/12 between 11:45 a.m. – 1245 p.m. The victim was approached by two males in the parking lot of the location who asked for directions. The males then took her cell phone and money from her purse. Not pleased with the amount of money they stole from the victim, the suspects forced her into their vehicle where they drove her to a nearby bank and had her withdraw more money. The suspects then returned the victim to her vehicle before fleeing the area. Detectives are asking for anyone with information regarding this incident to contact the Santa Clarita Station.

The second robbery occurred along the 26400 of Carl Boyer Dr. on Saturday, 12/15/12, at approximately 6:00 p.m. The victim was waiting outside an eating establishment with his and his brother’s bike. He was approached by two males, one of which grabbed his brother’s bike. The other suspect struck the victim with a Taser before stealing his bike. The suspects rode the bikes out of view. Deputies responded to the location, however, they were not able to locate the suspects.

There was a residential burglary from the 22500 block of Pecan Pl. on Tuesday, 12/11/12, between 7:45 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Person(s) unknown entered the location and stole jewelry and personal electronics. It is unknown how the suspect(s) gained entry into the residence. With the holidays at hand criminals know that most families are storing gifts and other items of value at their residences. Please remember to secure your houses when leaving for any amount of time.

There were two vehicles stolen in the Saugus area over the past week. The first occurred along the 22900 block of Oakridge Dr. on Wednesday night into Thursday morning. There was another vehicle stolen from the parking lot near the corner of Newhall Ranch Rd./Bouquet Canyon Rd. on Sunday, 12/16/12 between 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

On a brighter note, there was a great arrest made due to the Santa Clarita Station Detective Bureau. There were reported thefts of packages left by multiple postal services in the Saugus area over the past week. Santa Clarita Detectives conducted an extensive investigation and located and arrested a Saugus resident responsible for the thefts. For the full story please visit:

Here’s a summary of Stevenson Ranch incidents:
This week Stevenson Ranch had seven reported Part-1 crimes. Of those crimes, there was one assault, one attempted robbery, one residential burglary, one petty theft, one vehicle burglary and two shopliftings.

While deputies were on a loud party call in the 25000 block of Hood Way, a male was heard yelling profanities at the deputies and threw a beer bottle in their direction. The suspect was arrested for assault on a peace officer.

While a female was exiting Wal-Mart, a male, between 16-18 years of age, attempted to steal her purse as he rode past her on his bicycle.

A residential burglary occurred in the 25000 block of Wharton Way. Two bicycles were stolen from an unlocked garage. A bicycle was stolen from the outside of apartment in the 24000 block of Constitution Ave. A vehicle burglary occurred in the 25000 block of The Old Rd. A GPS TomTom and the car registration were stolen from the vehicle. No forced entry was apparent. A male was arrested for shoplifting at Wal-Mart.

We’ve been seeing an increase in bicycle thefts. Most are stolen from unlocked garages. Make sure to always close and lock garage doors as well as doors leading into your garage. Always lock your vehicles and do not leave personal items visible. If you must leave them in the car, secure them in the trunk.

Here’s a summary of Valencia incidents:
Zone 5-Valencia reported twenty seven Part-1 Crimes during the past week. The criminal incidents included grand theft auto, vehicle burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery and shoplifting from local businesses.

There were seven grand thefts of vehicles from various areas in Valencia. Four of the vehicles were recovered within two days of being reported stolen. The vehicles were in good condition with nothing stolen from them. Of the vehicles reported stolen, five were Honda Civics, one Lexus and one motorcycle. The three outstanding vehicles are a 1997 Honda Accord, 1996 Honda Accord and a motorcycle stolen from the Westfield Mall parking lot, the 24000 block of Del Monte Road and the 27000 block of Victoria Lance. The vehicles were stolen between 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. during weekdays.

The vehicle burglaries occurred in the 27000 block of Victoria Lane, 24700 block of McBean Parkway and the 23000 block of Bridgeport Lane between the hours of 8:30 p.m. and 11:30 a.m. Entry/exit to the vehicles was made by smashing the passenger/driver’s side window. The items stolen were golf clubs, a camera and a purse with cash and credit cards. All items stolen were visible from outside the vehicle. Please remember to secure all personal belongings and do not leave valuables unattended or visible in your vehicles. If possible park your vehicles in well-lit and highly visible areas. Please help us by reporting all suspicious activity and call the Sheriff’s Station at 661-255-1121.

A road rage incident ended in an arrest and booking of a male adult for the crime of assault with a deadly weapon. This occurred between McBean Parkway and Newhall Ranch Road during the morning hours on Thursday. The victim was unaware that he had cut the suspect off while changing lanes in his vehicle. The suspect was angry and tried to catch up with the victim while weaving in and out of lanes and attempting to get the victim’s attention with his vehicle. The suspect was arrested shortly after. No one was injured during this incident

An attempted robbery occurred in the 24000 block of Valencia Boulevard at 9:30 p.m. during the week. The suspect attempted to take the victim’s money while she was at an ATM. No money was taken and the victim was not injured during this incident. Residents are reminded to always be aware of their surroundings.

There were eighteen arrests made by proactive Santa Clarita Deputies assigned to the Valencia area last week. For information on other arrests in the Santa Clarita Valley see Nixles messages sent by Zone Leader Deputies for Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Castaic, Canyon Country and Gorman. Some arrests included domestic violence, embezzlement, cruelty to animals, possession of marijuana, driving under the influence of alcohol, and shoplifting from local businesses.

Santa Clarita Crime Reports 12/10 To 12/16

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