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Knights Football Team Falls To Predators

The day did not go the way the Santa Clarita Knights had hoped. After delaying the Kickoff nearly an hour from its 3pm time, due to the officials being late the game started with Predator kick return to about the Knights 30.

The Knights defense held strong and forced a missed FG. Forced to punt, JD Dorfman took the low snap and ran a sweep to the left, unable to convert the 4th down. The Predators took over and were on the board in 8 plays, failing the PAT.

The Knights went 3 and out, but attempted a 4th down conversion, failing. The Knights defense came out with a sack and an incomplete pass, but the Predators found the endzone again, missing the PAT once again.

The Knights offense remained dormant, forcing JD Dorman to hit a 40 yard punt. The Predators again found the endzone, failed the 2pt conversion, making the score 18-0. The Knights fumbled on the second play of their next drive, giving the Predators great field position. The Predators made the score 25-0, converting the PAT, at halftime.

The second half started, and that’s when things turned ugly. The Knights started with the ball, and were hit with penalty after penalty until the end of the game. The Predators put up 7 more points, after another JD Dorfman unt, this one for 18 yards. On several occasions, there were late hits by both sides, block in the back by both sides, and pass interference by both sides. The officails were rushing the clock to end the game as soon as possible. The Predators final TD came when the refs refused to stop the game for the 2-min warning after Knights coach Rhonda Ripley pointed to the clock several times. Neither team were aware that the play was happening, and a deep pass was thrown. The Knights drove down field and scored to avoid being shutout. Knights QB Tim Brandon was ejected after reacting to threatening remarks made by the Head Referee, with about a minute to go. In the middle of the 3rd, the game was delayed 15 minutes as Head Coach Tony Engeron had a conference with the ref crew. The Referee””s refused to speak with Coach Rhonda Ripley.

"You aren””t going to come back, why worry about the 2 min warning," the side judge was quoted.
"The game was decided an hour and a half ago," the head ref was quoted.

The game may not have had a different winner, but it certainly would have been closer.

FINAL – Knights 6
           Predators 38

Larry Burton – 1KR 43 yards
JD Dorfman 3 punts 88 yards
Peter Dubsky 1 att. 4 yards TD

Marvin Wheeler
12 tackles
1 sack
1 Forced Fumble

Knights Football Team Falls To Predators

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