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Editorial: The New Age Of Web Design, What You Need To Know

Editorial: The New Age Of Web Design, What You Need To Know

By: Joshua Maddux | SCV HomeTown Web

In today’s day and age a website is a key aspect to any business. A website can provide information to potential customers, resources to clients and the ability to easily manage it all. However, this cannot be done using an outdated system. The internet is changing and with that your website needs to change.

It may be easier to think of your website as a car, back when you first started driving you bought a car that ran, but was not so reliable. However, now you are ready for something much better.

You are ready to go the distance and grow your business. You don’t want to be restrained or held back by the limitations that your old car (website) had. It’s time to move forward.

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When looking at having a new website developed there are many things that you want to be sure that you have. Some of these include HTML5, SEO Tools, Responsive Design, No Flash and the ability to easily update.

What you need to develop a new website:

HTML5 allows for new cutting edge coding methods to be used. These include, moving graphics (that work on iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices), video and many other features. 

SEO Tools allow you to have the right tools to rank your website. Even if you don’t hire a SEO expert to help rank your website you want to be sure that you can getting in and edit the sites Metadata to help SEO. 

Responsive Design is the key to any site these days. With more than 40% of users browsing websites on their mobile phones you want to be sure that your website will show up right. Having a website that scales to fit your needs will allow you to grow.

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Flash is an old technology that allowed programmers to animate images and text. However, flash does not work on many mobile devices. Thus if your website was built in flash more than 40% of your potential clients are not seeing your website. 

Easily Updatable is key to any website. With so much going on day to day in a business its hard find time to update your content, blog or just keep your products up to date. Having an up-to-date content management system will make updating your site much easier.

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Editorial: The New Age Of Web Design, What You Need To Know

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