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Home » Santa Clarita News » Santa Clarita Writer Speaks Of She-Pirates, Zomies and Debut Novel

Santa Clarita Writer Speaks Of She-Pirates, Zomies and Debut Novel

Larger_Patricia_LeeverPatricia Leever, a Santa Clarita resident, wife and mother of four, has her debut novel “Cat O’ Nine Tales” ready for release by Omnific Publishing later this month.

Mark Archuleta spoke to Leever about the new novel, balancing writing and motherhood, crafting those bosom-heaving love scenes and her life as a part-time zombie.

Scat-o-nine-tails-cover-smallet on the highs seas the novel creates “a world of intrigue, betrayal and the redemptive power of love, all set in the swashbuckling time of pirates.”

Mark Archuleta: How would you describe the genre you write in?

Patricia Leever: Historical Romance.

MA: Have historical romances evolved since Harlequin romance novels?

PL: I’d never really read romance novels until about 2007. I was more of a horror genre reader. Somebody had mentioned a book to me. I started reading it and got hooked into it. It was called Lord of Seduction.


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MA: Wow. This latest one is about pirates. Tell me about the plot of this one.

PL: It’s a love story. A pirate love story. But a female is the pirate instead of a man.

MA: Were there any female pirates?

PL: There actually were female pirates.

MA: But we never hear about them.

PL: There weren’t very many and they were kind of mean. (Laughs)

MA: How much historical research do you do?

PL: Oh, gosh a whole lot. I research everything. If I didn’t know it first hand, I researched it. I actually got a book about ships. Anything that might be on a ship. How to work a ship. What kind of cannons they might’ve had. What kind of different weapons they had and how they used them. What kind of soap did they use? All that kind of stuff.

MA: How many novels have you written?

PL: This is my first.

MA: Oh, it is? Wow. So, what inspired you? What got you going to say, ‘Hey, I could actually write a novel?’

PL: I’ve always written just as a hobby. After I read the first historical romance, it’s actually by Paula Quinn, I got to thinking, ‘I’ve always written and I’d always dabbled in contemporary romance…’ So I’m like, ‘Well, why don’t  I just give that a shot? I like it. I like to read it now.’ So I decided to just jump head into it. (laughs)

MA: Just like a female pirate would?

PL: Yeah.

MA: So, tell me about being a mom and being a writer?

PL: Well, I’ve got four kids.

MA: Oh, my goodness.

PL: Yeah. (laughs) We live in a zoo pretty much. But you know what, they’re great kids and I have an amazing husband who is very supportive of what I do. He’ll take the kids away for a day on the weekend, so I can concentrate on my work. I do a lot of my work when they’re at school.

MA: Are you a stay at home mom?

PL: Yes, I am.

MA: So, this is a romance. I’m curious what these books would be rated, is this like PG?

PL: Oh, no. If this was to be rated as a movie I would say, like: Mature Audience.

MA: Um, R? Definitely an R?

PL: Probably a little above R.

MA: Oh my.

PL: It’s very adult. It’s graphic, but it’s tasteful.

MA: How do you handle those scenes?

PL: Um, with a lot of skill. (laughs) I don’t like to use the real, nasty dirty words for body parts. Not a lot of euphemism, but a good deal of it. You get the point, but it’s tasteful.

MA: In particular to the romance scenes: Does your husband feel like, y’know, feel like he’s not doing things properly.

PL: No, no, no. He knows it’s just two imaginary people.

MA: I noticed on your website you have lots of hunky looking men. What’s the story behind that?

PL: Those are just people that I have – a little mental inspiration for my characters.

MA: So, that’s not your husband?

PL:  No. (laughs) That’s not my husband.

MA: I would think it would be difficult to write those moments.

PL: Those are the moments I really have to write when nobody’s around.

MA: I’m sure. What’s next on the agenda for you?

PL: Right now I’m working on a different book. It’s more of an urban fantasy, paranormal kind of book. It’s also got a female lead, because I like strong willed women. She’s a demon hunter in Los Angeles trying to clean up Los Angeles.

MA: Well, it should be easy to find demons in Los Angeles.

PL: Exactly. (laughs) That’s kind of the premise. They’re walking among us. Just acting like regular people. You know those people that you’ve been around, they just, they just don’t seem right?

MA: Yeah, I think they’re called talent agents.

(Patricia laughs.)

Patricia_zombieMA: Tell me about your other life as a zombie.

PL: I love zombies. I have a fascination with anything zombie related.

MA: What was the first zombie thing that inspired you?

PL: I like the old Night of the Living Dead.

MA: You like a slow zombie or a fast moving zombie?

PL: Y’know, I think I like the fast zombies. And I prefer a juicy zombie over a dry zombie.

MA: Hmm, uh-huh, yes. They’re much more delicious.

PL: They are. And you’ve seen ones that look a little too dry and I prefer one that’s dripping stuff.

MA: Is there zombie novel in your future?

PL: I’d love to get inside the head of zombie. I think that’s what I’d like to do.

MA: It’s probably juicy.

PL:  It probably is.(laughs.)

MA: Anything else people should know?

PL: I’m going to be Tweeting quotes from the book @ Patricia_Leever. I’ll be Tweeting quotes everyday until the book is released on August 30th. The trailer for the book is being released as well on You Tube. You can buy my book at, and I believe it will be available on Amazon.

You can find Patricia Leever’s website by clicking here.

Onmific Publishing can be found by clicking here.

Santa Clarita Writer Speaks Of She-Pirates, Zomies and Debut Novel

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