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Saugus High Construction Complete

After 3 and a half years of extensive work, Saugus High celebrates both new and restored buildings


ImageIt's hard to believe that only a year ago, students were traveling to class through 3 feet wide hallways.  Certain walk ways and paths were closed due to digging, and concrete pouring.  Buildings were torn down, and re-built.  Seats were ripped out of the Lecture Hall to make way for 122 modern desks.  But, these were only a few of the many steps taken to modernize Saugus High School. 


Now, the high school prides itself in having a new amphitheater, Administration Office, Library, Food Service Building, and many other new facilities. 


Paul Rivas, the director of modernization, and one of the recipients of the Centurion Pride award, said that he was honored to have played a part in making the school what it is today.  “It really was a great honor to make the school look the way it looks.”  When asked what those years of construction were like, he replied, “There was a lot of budget planning, scheduling conflicts and difficulties, we had to tear apart parts of the campus while making it safe for the kids.”


The Saugus High Dance Team performs during the Re-dedication Ceremony

But, the hard work has definitely paid off.  Devin Franchino, the Saugus High ASB President of 1989, says he can most certainly see the improvements.  “The changes are drastic in the sense of visibility, but it still has the same feel, as in the community and the welcoming atmosphere.” 


Looking back, Franchino says that high school was a very pivotal point in his life.  “My time at Saugus High School was one of the most impactful times of my life.  The virtues of the teachers, counselors, and the coaches really prepared me for my future.”


Rivas along with everyone who contributed to the modernization of Saugus High proved they wanted the same atmosphere that Franchino experienced, through their efforts to salvage Saugus’ past.  “Saugus is a contrast of new and old.  Not forgetting the old, or discarding it, but honoring it.”


To see all the pictures from this event click here.

Saugus High Construction Complete

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