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Saugus Softball Girls Hauling E-Waste

Saturday’s e-waste drive is a win-win.

Saugus softballers haul e-waste from the KHTS studios

In a world where we are becoming ever more environmentally conscious, Santa Clarita residents have grown accustomed to separating recyclables from trash, green waste from non-green waste, and so on. It seems just about anything can be recycled these days, although some items must be handled in a specific way.


Electronic waste consists of old electronics such as computers, monitors, keyboards, televisions, printers, and more. These items cannot be simply thrown in the trash, as they contain chemicals that damage the environment. Furthermore, they can’t be handled by the good folks that pick up our recycling bin.  So what to do?


Well luckily the e-waste is worth something to somebody. The Saugus High School girl’s softball team has reached an agreement with a company that will donate money to their program in exchange for all the e-waste they can haul.


So Saturday, the parking lot of Saugus High will be transformed into an e-waste collection site where residents are encouraged to drop off their unused and/or broken technological equipment.


This serves as a win-win for residents because it offers a great way to unload junk that cannot be thrown away. It also will help the Saugus softball team play in tournaments, buy jerseys, and prepare the team for their upcoming season.


Two companies have already taken the chance to do some house cleaning, with Lennar and Bexel making big e-waste donations to the team.


The e-waste drive will be this Saturday, January 12th, from 9am to 3pm in the Saugus High parking lot.   


The girls went on air to talk about Saturday’s e-waste drive



The KHTS e-waste pile before pickup…all old/broken items just taking up space


Saugus Softball Girls Hauling E-Waste

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