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SCV Resources After Disaster

Resources available to Santa Clarita fire victims



A local assistance center will be established by FEMA from Oct 26th – Nov 8th (M-F) 8am- 6pm (Sat- Sun) 8am- 3pm at the City of Santa Clarita Sports Complex in the Activities Center


You can pre-register by telephone (800) 621-FEMA (3362) or TTY (800) 462-7585 or online at


American Red Cross

The Red Cross has been working hard to assist those impacted by this disaster here in Santa Clarita.

If you, or someone you know lost their home or needs Red Cross Disaster assistance, you can call their temporary family services number at 310-477-5827. Their permanent main office line is 661-259-1805


AT&T California is also offering free emergency phone services to customers displaced by Southern California fires


In response to the fires in Southern California, AT&T California is making available a number of free services to support AT&T customers displaced by the fires to ensure they have the ability to send and receive calls to family members and others.

AT&T California is providing certain voice mail and call forwarding features, free of charge, for 30 days to displaced consumers and small businesses.  For customers who need a local service line installed at a temporary or new location the Line Connection Fee will be waived. 

AT&T residential customers displaced by the fires can call 1-877-722-6787 and small business customers can call 1-800-750-2355 to set up the following services:

  • Call Forwarding – Automatically forwards calls to any phone number.
    Remote Access to Call Forwarding – Allows displaced customers to dial in and direct normal home phone calls to another number from any phone.
  • Remote Call Forwarding – Allows displaced customers to permanently forward their number to another number.
  • Message Center/Voice Mail Series 50/50+ – Allows displaced customers to retrieve messages left at their home or business phone line from any location, as well leave a greeting telling callers their status.
  • Phone Line – For displaced AT&T customers who set up phone service at a new location, AT&T will waive installation charges. 
The voice mailbox is being made available is located inside AT&T’s central office, so it will be a central and secure place to leave and receive messages. With call forwarding and remote access to call forwarding, impacted AT&T customers can direct incoming calls to their home numbers to the telephone number of their choice to ensure they are receiving their phone calls.

Gov. Schwarzenegger Provides Disaster Loan Guarantees for Small Businesses, Farmers Impacted by Wildfires


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has directed the Small Business Disaster Assistance Loan Guarantee Program to be activated to guarantee $7 million in loans for farms, agriculture-related businesses and businesses in communities that suffered damage or significant economic loss as a result of the southern California wildfires.


"These overwhelming wildfires have been extremely devastating and I will do everything I can to help these communities recover," said Gov. Schwarzenegger. "This program will keep the economy moving by helping small businesses that may not qualify for federal aid and provide interim funding for those businesses waiting for federal assistance to arrive."


California's Small Business Disaster Loan Guarantee Program was originally implemented in the wake of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. The Program provides guarantees to local lenders for loans made to small businesses and farmers afflicted by a disaster in order to prevent business insolvencies and loss of employment in areas affected by a state of emergency.


At Governor Schwarzenegger's direction, the state will leverage $500,000 in existing funds to provide up to $7 million in loan guarantees to small businesses impacted by the southern California wildfires.


For assistance related to economic damage caused by the southern California wildfires, a small business or farm enterprise should contact the nearest Financial Development Corporation:


For Santa Clarita, it is:


San Fernando Valley

5121 Van Nuys Blvd., 3rd Floor

Pacoima, CA 91403

(818) 205-1770


The Small Business Disaster Loan Guarantee Program is available for farm enterprises that engage in the production of food or fiber, or ranching and raising livestock.  It is also extended to nurseries engaged in the wholesale or retail selling of plants and agriculture related enterprises such as packing shed co-ops, feed yards, cotton gins and food processors. 


For non-agricultural small businesses, an applicant must be eligible for disaster assistance from the U. S. Small Business Administration.  Assistance through the Small Business Disaster Assistance Loan Guarantee Program will provide "bridge" funding for those small businesses waiting for that federal assistance to arrive.


On October 21, 2007, Governor Schwarzenegger proclaimed a State of Emergency in the counties of Los Angeles , Orange , Riverside , San Bernardino , San Diego , Santa Barbara and Ventura to make more resources available to fight the fires. 



Lockheed Federal Credit Union to Deliver Assistance to Members


Lockheed Federal Credit Union has announced that it is offering members assistance through its Disaster Relief Program.


“Lockheed Federal Credit Union is here to help our members affected by the fire. During this difficult time, we want to relieve LFCU members of at least some financial stress, so they can focus on rebuilding their lives,” said Dave Styler, President and CEO at LFCU. “In addition to our good wishes and prayers, we can help members get back on their feet with practical steps that remove some of the financial pain of this disaster.”


LFCU’s Disaster Relief Program provides assistance to members impacted by disasters and casualty losses, such as the fires sweeping the Southland. LFCU is committed to providing such assistance whether the disaster is regional (such as an earthquake, wildfire, or flood), or a casualty loss isolated to an individual member’s household (e.g., a single structure fire). Relief will be provided in the form of:

  • Low interest rate disaster relief loans


  • Loan payment deferrals 


  • Waiver of penalties associated with early withdrawal of CD funds


  • Waiver of fees associated with replacing debit cards, credit cards, and checks


In addition to its Disaster Relief Program, LFCU is updating members about branch availability and services at (800) 328-LFCU, and at


“We have three branches located in the Santa Clarita Valley, staffed with employees ready and willing to help. We understand that access to funds and financial assistance is important to SCV residents during this time of crisis,” said James Davis, Director of Sales, Division II, at LFCU.


More than 9,000 Lockheed Federal Credit Union members are residents of the Santa Clarita Valley, where Lockheed Federal Credit Union (LFCU) operates three branches: Valencia Bouquet Canyon, Valencia Town Center and Stevenson Ranch.



SCV Resources After Disaster

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